Winter Feeder For Birds

Winter feeder for birds

If you have a personal plot, then you now perfectly understand what is at stake. Constantly in your country house there are various pests that gnaw all your plantings and spoil the whole view of your garden. Any of your efforts in a short time do not justify themselves, and only the fight against them becomes hell. In this case, you do not need to worry, but you just need to get assistants in your garden. These are birds that usually go to settle near human houses. With the help of such birds, you can not only destroy pests in your garden, but also please yourself by feeding these birds. But especially for winter cold, a bird feeder will come in handy. You can do it yourself, while everything can be done using the video, which is located below.

Winter feeder for birds

Winter open feeder

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The table below shows, depending on the type of bird than what it can be fed.

Types of feeders

Some important rules that any gardener who has decided to place a bird feeder near his home on his site should be aware of:

  1. An excellent place for the location of this building will be sites that are clearly visible to birds and can be seen from the windows of housing.
  2. It is recommended to start feeding the birds first with unroasted sunflower seeds.
  3. Then you can feed them with other varieties of seeds, in the table below everything is described in detail.
  4. It is necessary to choose one of the compositions for birds according to the season based on the preferences of birds.
  5. Also near the feeders is to build a drinking bowl and birdhouse.
  6. Bird feeders should always be clean and inaccessible to domestic cats.
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Any winter feeder is of the following types:

  • with a platform
  • in the form of a pipe,
  • like a funnel or bunker.

Tube-shaped feeders are great for small birds. Large birds like jays or magpies will not be able to sit on them.

Feeding materials

In addition, the video shows the sequence of work, so you will not get confused in such a simple design.

Winter feeder for birds

Wood feeder

Now consider the lightest bird feeders you can build with your own hands:

  • The plastic bottle left over from natural drinks or from under sunflower oil can serve as an excellent basis for a solid and fairly functional bird feeder. As shown in the video below, all that you need to do in this case is to drill a hole in a plastic bottle for flying birds and screw a loop into the cork in order to hang it on tree branches in your area. Such a homemade feeding trough can come in handy during a winter walk in the woods.
  • A container from juice or milk may turn out to be a bird house for some time, which you can build yourself in a couple of minutes. It will be a temporary winter feeder for birds that live outside your window or are in a nearby garden. There is one rather important point – it is as strong as possible to fix the loop to the package, which is designed for fasteners. A hole is made in one of the side walls so that the birds can fly up to it. In the inner part put food for birds of your garden.
  • If you want to build a more durable winter feeder, then it should be made from such a versatile material as plywood. The instructions for making a DIY winter feeder are shown in the video below.
  • And in the end, you can take advantage of the durable winter feeder for your garden, which is made of such a versatile and practical material as wood. This design will last you more than one year. In order to build it with your own hands in your country house, you need to stock up on special tools and some skills. Next, we will consider how to do it yourself.
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Plywood and wood feeder

First, consider how to make a beautiful plywood feeder with your own hands. A durable and at the same time quite elegant winter feeder can be built independently for your birds in your own area. As the walls for the construction will serve as bars of wood, in which a small section – approximately two centimeters. Window glazing beads are also suitable.

Winter feeder for birds

First you need to draw up a drawing of the work that we have to complete. In an ordinary feeding trough, the optimal sizes can be about 25×25 cm. If you have more birds on your household plot, then you should make the design a little larger. However, in a city of enormous size, such structures for birds attract magpies and crows, which drive small birds away from food. On the plot you need to take into account one important point: large structures can become the target of predators from the forest, which can also spoil the bark of fruit varieties of trees. The bird feeder should have a side on the pallet or it can be located directly on the roof of the structure. Thus, it will be possible to keep food in an accessible state for birds of your household plot.

You will need a drawing for the structure, in which it is necessary to take into account:

  • plywood elements of the pallet and sides, the height of which is approximately two cm;
  • the roof of our house for a feathered garden needs to be made as flat or gable as possible;
  • Four side supports should be 2 cm wide and approximately 25 cm high.

A drawing is also created on an ordinary sheet of plywood to be cut. After that, all the elements need to be cut out and assembled using waterproof glue. We screw the walls of our house by means of screws. The finished product can be repainted and coated with varnish to make the design durable and outwardly attractive. Such an article will decorate your personal plot, and you will always be happy because you made it yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment, and only at your dacha there will be an original feeding trough.

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Winter feeder for birds

Let’s consider how to get a winter feeding trough from any species of wood.

For a personal plot it is better to get a feeder from some sort of wood. This will provide an opportunity to simultaneously solve a couple of rather practical problems. Basically, it must be added that this type of design is characterized by durability and reliability. They have great resistance to gusts of wind and can be fixed with the help of supports stationary. In order to make a bird house in your area of ​​wood, you need to cut a board about 18 mm thick. You can also create semi-closed or open types.

Winter feeder for birds

Feeding for birds

The second option – the open type – is a great solution if you want a lot of birds flying in the garden at the same time. However, this design has a clear minus. Food in such houses is constantly falling asleep. Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor its condition. If you live in your country house, then this will not be difficult for you. Therefore, let’s consider how to assemble them in a similar design.

We take an edged board, the thickness of which is 16 mm. A special pallet with dimensions of 20×20 cm and the same cover are cut out of it. Four walls of the structure up to 28 cm are cut out of thinner wood. The whole structure can be assembled in 5 minutes by means of self-tapping screws. It can be hung on tree branches and on special supports. We have considered many ways of arranging a house for birds, of which you can make a decent choice for your summer house, and then birds in your garden will always be fed and guarded by pests.