What Can Be Made A Bird Feeder

What can be made a bird feeder

1. Why do we need bird feeders?

When the air temperature drops below zero, street birds have hard times. After all, finding food for yourself is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when frost sets in. During the winter, up to 8 blue ticks die of hunger. This occurs mainly from hunger. One bird feeders can save up to 50 birds in the winter. And one bird saves up to 10 trees per season, preventing insects from reproducing on the trunks. Well, the benefits that trees and shrubs themselves bring to us are known to all. Therefore know how to make a beautiful bird feeder, just a must. To do this, use completely different materials that can be found in any home.

The material from which the bird feeder is made must be durable and not wet. Only in this case, the craft will last a long time and you won’t have to redo it.

Windows in bird feeders must be free so that the bird has the opportunity to get food.

It is desirable that the feed is isolated from external influences of nature, that is, there should be a roof and walls. Thus, seeds and cereals will remain longer suitable for feeding street birds.

2. How to quickly make a bird feeder

One of the fastest ways to feed the birds on the street. This is to make edible figures. They can be of completely different shapes and sizes. There are several recipes for cooking:

First of all, we make edible glue. To do this, we breed a bag of instant gelatin in water. It should be a thick mixture. Then we add bird food to it and mix well. The resulting mass can be decomposed into molds or just dazzle the balls. It is very important not to forget to insert a thick thread into the resulting shapes before they dry. Place the finished product in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Thus, you will quickly make edible figures for birds, while spending very little effort.

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How to make a bird feeder out of cardboard? Very simple.

To do this, cut out shapes from cardboard, they can be of any size. Give preference to figures with as many horizontal surfaces as possible. So the birds will be more comfortable to sit on them. After that, we make a hole in the figure and poke a dense thread through it, forming a loop.

Prepare the paste. We breed 2 tablespoons of flour in a small amount of water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. At this time, we heat to a boil half a glass of water and pour in the infused solution with flour, while constantly stirring. As soon as everything starts to boil, immediately turn it off and let it cool slightly. The resulting paste is abundantly applied to the prepared figures and sprinkled with bird food on top.

Melt a piece of unsalted fat, mix it with a treat for the birds, immerse the tip of the thread in the mixture. Pour into molds and let harden. Now all this needs to be pressed tightly and cooled in the refrigerator so that everything is fixed. After about 2 hours, the bird treat is ready.

fig. 1 Edible bird feeders

3. Original bird feeders from plastic bottles.

Everybody knows how do it yourselfand the most ordinary bird feeder from plastic bottles, and if you dream a little, you get a very beautiful and functional birdhouse.

Fig. 2 Plastic bird feeders

4. Fancy bird feeders

Bird feeders can be made from almost any material:

You can cut the core out of pumpkins, make large windows and hang it on a tree. It will turn out very original and pretty bird feeders.

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Interesting feeders are obtained from glass bottles and old unnecessary dishes in the form of cups and plates.

You can even use metal cans. If you approach this issue creatively will be very unusual bird feeder. You can familiarize yourself with one of the very original options in this video.

What can be made a bird feeder

fig. 3 Ideas for bird feeders

The most important thing is not to forget that for birds the most important thing is what you are going to feed them. There are foods that categorically cannot feed birds.

These include:

large raw groats

The birds will be grateful for the following products: