We Make Bird Feeders From Plastic Bottles Photo And Video

We make bird feeders from plastic bottles: photos and video

In the cold season, when the temperature on the street is very low, and the air is cold, it becomes not easy for the birds to find food. Especially in winter, when all the insects hid, and the trees and the ground lay snow. It is at this time that it is so important to make feeders from plastic bottles for birds, because it is so simple.

We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

Thus, you will save the life of birds, providing them with food in such a difficult time. After all, feeding birds is not only a fascinating and interesting activity, but also a huge benefit to all wildlife.

We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

Feeding Features

Before creating the device, it is worth considering the following nuances and refreshing original ideas in your head:

  • Of course, I want the bird house to be a real decoration of the yard. However, remember that this device is especially for feathered guests. Therefore, it should have wide windows so that birds freely penetrate in and fly out without hitting the wings and not injuring themselves.
  • When creating a feeder at the bottom of the bottle, it is necessary to make small holes so that water from the rain flows freely down without spoiling the contents in the form of bird food.
  • Do not decorate products with parts that can make noisy sounds, or that rattle or rustle. All these devices, in spite of their beauty, will surely scare away the birds, and they will no longer fly. And all the work will be done in vain.
  • The feeder should be placed as far away as possible from the windows and walls of the house so that you do not have to periodically remove traces of bird droppings from the windowsill. In addition, arriving birds can nest at the window with a feeder and make a disturbing noise.
    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

  • Bird feeders made of plastic bottles for birds should be hung on the branches of a tree in a free state, so that cats or squirrels could not interfere with the feeding of birds. They can also be located not only in residential yards, but also in a park or forest zone.
  • The material from which the feeder is made must be moisture resistant and not spoiled in the cold. This design can last a long time under any conditions.
  • Make sure that the corners and edges are without points and cloves, otherwise the birds will get hurt.
  • It is necessary to distinguish between structures in size for small and large birds, so that, for example, large birds could not take someone else’s feed.
    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    Varieties of bird houses:

    1. From a plastic bottle.
    2. From wood (plywood).
    3. Cardboard.
    4. From tetro packs.
    5. We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

      Types of Bird Houses

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      We will consider some interesting ideas for creating plastic feeders, because they are the most popular and practical. You can hang them anywhere and not be afraid for safety, because such a device can be easily and quickly made with your own hands. It is also worth noting that plastic bottles are able to withstand even the most severe frosts, which indicates their resistance to different temperatures.

      Advantages of plastic feeders:

    • Universal accessibility.
    • Low price.
    • Able to protect food from rain and strong winds.
    • Frost resistance.
    • Simple manufacturing technology that even a child can handle.
    • Plastic itself is a thin material, so it is easy to cut and bend.
    • The device is decorated with almost any decor, it is only up to your imagination.

    How to make bird feeders with your own hands from plastic bottles is shown in the video.

    House of 5 liter containers

      Vertically. We count 5-7 centimeters from the bottom up, mark the border with a marker and make two holes in the form of a square or rectangle. It is easy to tie a container to a tree with a fishing line, cord or rope at the neck.

      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    Horizontally. On the bottom side, you need to make a fairly wide hole, then do the same from the side of the neck. To fix the bottle to the surface, you need to carefully cut two holes in the wall with a knife, through which you need to pass the rope, and then tie it up. The feeder can swing the wind, so it’s worth putting a small stone or a piece of brick on the bottom to create balance and weight, and put the feed on top.

    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    If the edges are sharp, they can be sealed with tape or tape so that the birds do not get hurt and fly away. Some simply burn the edges with fire to make the plastic melt and smooth. Holes can be made in the lid itself, so it’s also convenient to hang the product.

    In these conditions, you need to use a thick lace, tying it with a loop and a large knot. How to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle with your own hands is shown in the form of a photo instruction in the video below.

    Hut made of plastic

    We will need one container of 5 liters and two bottles of 1.5 liters. Of tools and materials should be prepared sharpened scissors or a clerical knife, marker, cord (or rope) and electrical tape. Do it yourself:

    • On the bottom of a large container, we make a marker for future holes with a marker, feathered guests will enter the feeder through them. You also need to make a hole so that a 1.5-liter bottle can crawl into it.
    • The largest hole should resemble the letter P in shape, while the upper part will be a visor that will protect the contents of the feeder from getting into the snow, dirt and rain. Do not forget to glue all the edges of the holes with tape, adhesive tape or electrical tape so that the birds do not get hurt. Plastic can also be slightly melted by fire.
    • On a 1.5-liter bottle, which we plan to place inside a large container, we cut out holes only in places where it will come into contact with the bottom of a 5-liter container. From here feed will be strewed to the bottom of the container, which is very convenient for feeding birds.
    • On the lid of a large container at the top, we make a round hole so that the neck of a small bottle rises above it.
    • At the second 1.5-liter bottle, you need to cut off the neck and a bit of the top so that you get a funnel. We put this same funnel on the neck of another bottle that is already inserted. Then twist the cork. A bird feeder made of plastic bottles is shown in the photo.
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video
    • Done! We fill the bunker feeder with grain and tie it to a tree branch with a cord, rope or fishing line. Such a dining room will surely be appreciated by all the birds! The manufacturing process can be found in the video below.
    1. You can draw any pattern or ornament on the surface of the bottle with acrylic paints. If you make crafts for kids in the kindergarten, you can draw animals, birds or flowers.
    2. The whole bottle can be decorated with a bright ornament of any shades. Here you need to show a little imagination and creativity.
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    If you decide to make a bunker feeder, paint a large container in green. Then cut a few plastic bottoms from the small bottles, these will be flowers. They need to be painted in different shades and glued to a large container. You should get a bright and colorful bouquet.

    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    For decoration, you can use any improvised materials and even children’s toys. For example, a flying plastic saucer can be used as a lid for a feeding trough. At the same time, you can also draw pictures or simple patterns on the bottle itself. Use markers, felt-tip pens or indelible acrylic paints.

    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    If you are a real needlewoman and know how to knit or weave macrame, be sure to make a beautiful little case. A bird feeder from a five-liter plastic bottle can also be tied with multi-colored threads, fixing them to the surface with glue. Do not forget to let the masterpiece dry well before use. Such a product is able to decorate any yard, park or tree.

    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    To decorate devices, you can use the bee theme. You can paint a large container in brown, yellow and black, decorating this composition with glued toy bees.

    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

  • Decoration in the Russian-folk style is also welcome. To do this, you can use straws and a scourge.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with materials. To create feeders, plastic dishes, milk bags, old dishes and even tin cans are suitable.
    We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video
  • From cans

    The original version of the hopper feeder

    We will need 2 bottles of 1.5 liters, scissors and a little patience. Proceed:

    • We take one bottle, in its lower part we make 2 small round holes at a distance of up to 8 centimeters from the bottom.
    • We take the second bottle and insert it into the hole to the first. At the same time, its neck should not completely reach the bottom.
    • Pour bird food in large quantities into a bottle, and then unfold and place the entire structure as shown in the photo below.
    • This technology will create an autonomous feeding trough. The feed itself will go into the bottle as the birds eat it.
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    We make a horizontal feeder from a 5-liter container

    We need a large plastic container, sharp scissors, two thin wooden sticks and a marker. Let’s start:

    • We place the container on its side horizontally.
    • On both sides on the bottom and neck we mark with a marker lines for cutting rectangular holes.
    • With a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut out the holes, do not forget to bend the plastic from above to get a visor. It will protect the feeder from unwanted rain.
    • We process the edges so that the birds do not get hurt. To do this, gluing with a plaster or tape is suitable, and you can also melt the plastic with fire to smooth the edges.
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video
  • In the lower part of the container, we make two through holes opposite each other, we put sticks there. We got a perch for the convenience of birds.
  • Walk along the bottom of the container with a thin needle, making through holes. So the water, which still got inside, can freely flow down to the ground, without disturbing the birds.
  • To hang a bottle on a tree, we need to fix one end of the rope on the neck and the other on the bottom. We make a loop and place the structure on the tree. Making bird feeders from plastic bottles is shown in the video.
  • Idea with a wooden spoon

    We will need one bottle of 1.5 liters, a knife, a marker and 2 wooden spoons with long handles. Spoons will be used as a perch for birds. Proceed:

    • We cut through the holes in the bottle walls in such a way as to thread the spoons and place them a little at an angle. However, they should not fall out.
    • Do not forget to think over everything well and make marking with a marker, and only then proceed to cutting holes. The phrase should be our motto: measure 7 times – cut once! Otherwise, too large holes will allow small particles to pass through, and the feed may wake up.
    • Carefully insert the spoons into the holes so that on one side you get long comfortable perches, and on the other, the place where the birds feed.
    • Pour grain into the bottle, tightly twist the lid. Now it remains to tie the feeder to the tree with a strong knot by the neck and wait for the appearance of feathered guests!
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video

    With a wooden spoon

    Plastic saucer feeder

    Let’s get acquainted with another original idea of ​​self-construction of an autonomous bird feeder. For work, we will need a bottle up to 2 liters, as well as a plastic lid or a plate, so that the bird food will quietly linger. Proceed:

    1. At the center point of the plate, you need to make a hole equal in diameter to the cap of our bottle.
    2. At the top of the bottle with the help of a soldering iron we make holes, through them grain will just wake up in the future.
    3. In the center of the bottom of the bottle we also make a small hole, through it we put the wire through, tying it into a knot from the inside.
    4. Outside, it is necessary to make a loop from the wire so that it is convenient to hang the structure from the tree.
    5. We put a plate on the neck of the bottle, pour the grain inside and tightly twist the lid.
      We make bird feeders from plastic bottles photo and video
  • Do not forget to check that the plastic nozzle fits tightly on the feeder. Also make sure that the grain wakes easily through the holes.
  • We place our feeding trough where we planned, and we are waiting for birds to visit! Making such a bird feeder from a plastic bottle 1.5 is shown in the video below.
  • Creating feeders is an exciting and at the same time useful exercise. This can be done with a child, decorating bird houses with beautiful drawings and bright plastic flowers. Do not forget that in this way you are doing a good deed and help the birds winter.

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