Several Options For Making Diy Bird Feeders

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Making bird feeders with your own hands is a fascinating and useful activity, to which you can attract children. Thus, they can develop certain skills in the manufacture of various devices and instill a love of nature, birds. Moreover, a beautifully made feeder will not only save the birds from hunger in winter, but also diversify the design of the garden plot, garden.

Necessary elements of arrangement

There are many options for designing these simple devices. They can be very simple or original, but in any case they are easy to make with your own hands. The question of which bird feeders are most suitable for the site is decided by the owner, based on his abilities and imagination. However, when arranging them, you should remember that there are several basic rules.

First of all, home-made bird feeders should have a platform on which a sufficient amount of food can be poured, so that they sit comfortably on it and do not collapse the structure, even if several individuals arrive. It is important that the feed is protected from rain, as food wet from rain or snow-dusted is unlikely to be liked by birds. This condition requires the installation of a roof (canopy). And the material of the product itself must have sufficient resistance to all types of weathering, so as not to change it almost daily.

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Feeder Design Option

Access to feed should be free. If the feeder is made in the form of a house, then the inlet should allow quick and unhindered entry. Naturally, it is more convenient for birds to feed at a certain height (about 1.3-1.6 m), feeling safe. That is, the structure must be raised above the ground (usually mounted on a tree).

In the manufacture of bird feeders with their own hands, you can use various materials. The most durable and solid buildings are made of wood and plywood. If you do not strive for any design excesses, the most economical option is most often chosen – a construction made from improvised means.

Depending on the design of the feeder, an appropriate tool will be required. Plywood is cut with a jigsaw, and the board and timber with a hacksaw. To process the edges you need a file and an emery cloth. When making holes, it is better to use an electric drill. When fastening parts you will need a hammer, screwdriver, screwdriver.

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A cardboard or plastic feeder is made much simpler. To do this, it is enough to prepare scissors, a knife and an awl. Do not forget about the measuring tool. A metal ruler and a square will come in handy.

Use of plywood

The plywood feeder can be open or closed. The open version provides a feed platform and a pitched roof. The closed design is in the form of a house, i.e. has walls, and on the front side there is an opening for pouring food and flying birds.

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Scrap board and plywood feeder

A simple feeder is made in the following order:

  1. Making the feed platform – the bottom of the feeder. For her, a square with a side of 24-30 cm is cut out of a plywood sheet.
  2. The roof is cut from the same plywood sheet, but the side of the square is made 5-6 cm larger so that the water flowing from it does not fall on the feed.
  3. The ends of the sites are carefully cleaned with an emery cloth.
  4. 4 racks are prepared with a length of 26-32 cm from a bar measuring 20×20 mm. If a roof with a slope is conceived, then the length of the two pillars is shortened by 20-25 mm.
  5. Racks are fixed vertically between the bottom and the roof at the corners of the base. Fastening is carried out with screws or nails and is coated with adhesive.
  6. The sides of the aft platform are fixed at a height of about 2 cm. The joint with the base is coated with glue.
  7. A hook is mounted on the roof for hanging at the installation site of the feeder.

To increase the durability of this small structure, roofing can be waterproofed with roofing material or plastic film to prevent rotting of plywood.

Wooden feeders

The feeder, made of wood, is distinguished by its strength, shape stability and durability. This design can be safely mounted anywhere without fear of wind load, hail, snowfall. For its manufacture, a board with a thickness of 17-22 mm and a bar measuring 20×40 mm is used.

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Assembling a wooden structure is as follows:

  1. Making the bottom frame. A square frame is formed from the beam. The option of a feeder with a perch is quite popular. In this case, when assembling the frame, two parallel bars have overhangs of the ends from the front by 5-6 cm.
  2. The bottom of the feeder from the board is attached to the frame. Assembly can be provided with nails or screws. Plywood can be placed on top of the wooden flooring.
  3. From the inside of the frame, posts made of timber 20-25 cm long are vertically attached.
  4. Assembly of the rafter system. The roof of the stationary feeder looks preferable in a gable version. The rafters will be connected at an angle of 90 °, and two such blanks are made. The tops of these elements are connected by a bar (roof ridge), and then the whole system is mounted on racks.
  5. Roofing can be made of two plywood blanks measuring 23×35 cm, which act as slopes. These blanks are fixed on the rafter system.
  6. The final touch is fixing the glazing bead on the elongated ends of the bottom bars. This forms the “flying” perch for birds.
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According to the specified method, a solid, durable feeder is made. It can be installed on an individual column 1.4-1.7 m high or suspended on a tree. You can fix the structure under the roof of the house or in the window area, and so that you could add the next portion of feed by opening the window window, i.e. without leaving home in the winter.

Cardboard options

Most people sincerely want to take care of the birds, but are not ready to bear the financial costs. In such circumstances, the feeders are made from improvised means. The most popular in this direction is a cardboard feeder. As a rule, ready-made cardboard boxes are used: containers from household equipment, food packaging, etc.

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Cardboard feeder

How to make a feeder out of the box? Cardboard is a short-lived material, and therefore it must be protected from moisture. As a waterproofing, you can use scotch tape or plastic film. There are a lot of design options:

  1. Shoe box. For such containers, laminated cardboard is used, which allows it to withstand moisture for a long time. This available tool has all the necessary structural elements: bottom, roof, walls. You need to make a little effort, and the feeder is ready. The refinement includes cutting a hole with a diameter of at least 7-8 cm in the wall and wrapping the entire structure with tape with an adhesive layer. At the bottom it is necessary to pour pebbles for weighting, so that the wind does not swing the product much. A cord or wire is attached to the lid, with which you can hang the feeder anywhere.
  2. Juice or milk box feeder. This container also has an important property – laminated cardboard is used, and it is waterproof. This property is very important when designing a feeder. In principle, a box is a finished small house in which you need to make a hole on the front wall.
  3. Candy box. It is made of dense, durable cardboard, which can be safely used in a feeder. Candy packaging already has a feed platform with sides (bottom of the box) and a roof (top of). In order to get a feeder, you need to find any vertical racks and raise the roof above the bottom.
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Using plastic bottles

Plastic beverage bottles are a great craft material. Of these, bird feeders of various designs can be easily and quickly manufactured. They have many positive qualities: waterproof, easy to cut, and by the neck you can very simply hang in the right place.

Several options for making DIY bird feeders

Plastic bottle feeder

You can recommend these designs:

  1. From bottles with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters, small feeders are obtained. It is difficult for birds to climb inside such a container, and therefore wide openings are cut from the bottom on opposite sides. The lower edge is glued with adhesive tape so that the bird can stand on it and peck the food placed inside, at the bottom.
  2. Larger houses are made from 5 liter bottles. Even better, use 10-12 liter bottles. In such structures, one wide hole can be cut.
  3. Hopper system. In larger bottles, you can equip a more complex system. To do this, they cut off the neck (about a third of the bottle). A plastic bottle is placed on top of 1-1.5 liters, with the neck down. It plays the role of a storage hopper, and a large amount of feed can be poured into it through the hole. The neck of the hopper is located at a distance of about 5-10 mm from the bottom of a large capacity, and therefore the feed will move along with the peeling of the already spilled mass.

Birds on the site create a sense of unity with nature and are useful in pest control. To attract them, you need to install feeders, which can very easily be done with your own hands.