Original Bird Feeders

Original bird feeders – beautiful and practical

If you love helping birds in the winter, try to make original bird feeders with your own hands: in addition to the fact that these products are very practical, they can be an excellent decoration for your garden, balcony or window sill.

Bottle Bird Feeder

Plastic and glass containers can be found in every home, and even a child can easily work with them: you can make vases, coasters, toys and figurines from bottles. Among the popular crafts is the original do-it-yourself bird feeder.

Plastic bottles

The usual model of a plastic feeder is based on only three actions: you need to cut large windows on one and the other side of the bottle, and then just hang it on a tree.

The design of the next feeder is slightly different, significantly increasing the practicality of the product. You will need a large plastic bottle, 2 wooden spoons (if you don’t have one, replace them with plastic ones), scissors and a drawstring.

  • At a height of 3-5 centimeters from the base of the bottle, make 2 holes with a diameter of 1.5-2 centimeters in the walls opposite each other with scissors. Repeat the same action, departing a similar distance from the neck – while the upper holes should be on a line perpendicular to the location of the lower ones.
  • Insert a spoon through the bottom pair of holes so that its narrow handle sticks out on one side – it will be a perch and the bucket on the other. The second spoon will take place in the upper holes.
  • Using an awl preheated with a gas burner, melt a small hole in the bottle cap and pass through it 2 ends of the lace so that the loop sticks out. Tie the ends with a thick knot that can hold them inside the lid.
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Original bird feeders

If you make original bird feeders with a child, replace the work with a sharp awl in this way: just wrap the neck of the bottle with a cord and tie a tight knot around it. Also tie the ends of the knot to get a loop.

Fill your manger with grains to the top and hang. Birds will definitely like a lot of poles and seating areas! In addition, due to the original arrangement of the spoons, the product will spin like a carousel under the influence of wind.

Glass bottles

We can say that this feeder is winter, because the feed will not get wet and will not fly out of the tank under the influence of wind.

You will need a glass bottle and two tablets, one of which should be longer and wider than the container, and the other should be equal in width, but 4 times shorter.

  • With the help of nails or screws, connect the planks to each other at a right angle – the long one should be located vertically, and the short one should be horizontal.
  • Measure the diameter of the bottle and neck. Make rings equal to your measurements from the wire and fasten them on a long board at the right height so that the bottle can be hung upside down. You can also make a supporting structure from wooden planks, as in the image, if you have the skills to cut holes in a tree.

Original bird feeders

  • Glue the bowl or saucer with Moment glue to the bottom of the feeder so that the neck of the bottle drops slightly below its edges.
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Fill the bottle with food and fix it in loops – it can be nailed to a tree or the wall of the house, put on an open balcony or wide windowsill. You’ve got a semi-automatic product – the grains will gradually spill out of the tank, filling the saucer.

Wooden feeders

Do-it-yourself bird feeders made of wood are not as easy as plastic and glass. However, if you have certain skills with this material, you will have a wonderful bird canteen that can be used for more than one season.

  • Carefully look at the drawing of the bird feeder with your own hands in the image. You will need one rectangular bottom part, 4 low sides surrounding it, 2 pentagonal walls and 2 rectangles for the roof.

Original bird feeders

  • You can make a house of any size. If you do not yet have certain skills for calculating parameters, use the approximate values ​​for the pentagon in the photo – in accordance with them it is easy to calculate the size of other details.

Original bird feeders

  • Parts are fastened together with small nails.
  • One part of the roof is also nailed to the main structure, while the second needs to be attached to it using furniture hinges – a hinged lid simplifies the process of filling the tray with feed.

Original bird feeders

The feeder is universal – if desired, it is easy to fix it in any suitable place. If you are also thinking about how to decorate the original work, pay attention to wood burning.

Original feeders: simple ideas

From the following workshops you will learn how to make a bird feeder with your own hands in just an hour! In addition, you can connect children to their work – they will certainly be interested in crafting original houses for bird food.

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Food boxes

Cardboard boxes and boxes, tetrapacks from juices, milk and other products are perfect as a basis for original do-it-yourself bird feeders: you can see examples of execution in the photo.

It is enough to cut two wide windows in the opposite walls of the box, and glue the base itself with colored paper to your taste, turning it into a house or animal.

Old service

Perhaps the most unusual, but very simple idea of ​​creating a feeding trough is to use an old tea service. For example, you can take the remaining cups and saucers from once large whole sets.

Just glue together the details: a cup, spoon and saucer. Fill the mug or plate with food.

Original bird feeders

Glue “Moment” glue a thick ring to the base of the feeder if you want to fix it on a vertical pin in the garden, or fasten several chains at the base, for which the product can be hung in any convenient place.

Original bird feeders

It would be interesting to look at this option for a private house or summer house: put a small table under the tree on which place 3 such feeders – a bird feast in this place will be provided!

Making another original bird feeder with your own hands is described in detail in the video tutorial – you can make it in just half an hour!