How To Make A Bird Feeder With Your Own Hands From Different Materials

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands from different materials

You can make a bird feeder with your own hands from almost any material at hand. It is important to use a solid base so that the product lasts at least one season. After all, all the charm of the weather will “fall” onto the feeder, and nimble birds can seriously pat it.

Therefore, traditional materials (wood, plastic) and today are the most popular. However, home-made feeders can be made from other parts, including edible ones.

Step-by-step instructions, photos and videos on making bird feeders can be found in this article.

DIY wood feeder: simple options

So, let’s start with the classics. The wooden feeding trough is convenient, reliable, and also beautiful. It’s just not easy to do it sometimes, but you don’t need any special skills.

Models from sticks and branches

Let’s start with the simplest option, which is generally made from what is literally lying under your feet.

Step 1. We are looking for a sufficiently thick branch of any tree, we cut it into 4 identical fragments (these are poles), then another 3 (these are overlaps).

Step 2. Now let’s take a thinner branch and make the basis of it – the floor: these are 2 pairs of fragments – short and long. 2 more fragments are 2 longitudinal sticks on the roof.

Step 3. And now we take a very thin branch and file 6 identical sticks for the roof.

Step 4. Let us dry all these parts for a week, and preferably a month.

Step 5. Now take a sheet of plywood and cut out 3 identical rectangles – 2 on the roof, one on the floor.

Step 6. First fasten the floor. This can be done with small nails or small screws.

But glue is better not to work. Firstly, it is toxic to all flying animals. And secondly, it can withstand moisture, but whether it can handle the temperature difference is unknown.

Step 7. Fasten the support posts to the floor. We make the roof and fix it to these posts. The result is a fairly stable design that can be put on a flat surface or suspended using a wire or a strong rope.

Of course, you can simplify your task by taking a small wooden box instead of the floor – then the work will go faster.

Or you can make the roof itself out of several "logs" – you get something like a chopped house.

Or here is another similar option.

How to Make an Ice Cream Stick Feeder

With sticks, the story is good for everyone, only they need to be dried, and preferably also treated with varnish or an antiseptic. And besides, after that, you have to wait a long time for the smell to completely disappear – otherwise the birds are in real danger.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

Step 1. We put a few sticks next to each other so that in the end we get a rectangle (bottom). Its length should slightly exceed the length of the stick, perpendicular, as shown in the photo. Put 2 of these perpendicular sticks and glue.

Step 2. Turn over – and on the back of the bottom we glue the same 2 sticks, then the design will become quite reliable.

Step 3. Now again we turn over and glue the second level of the sticks, alternating the rows one after another.

Step 4. It remains to take a strong thread and tie it to the upper level at 4 points, pour food and hang it on a tree. Of course, you first need to ventilate the craft – let it lie down the night on the open balcony. Then the smell of glue will completely disappear.

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A wooden feeder is more complicated: drawings, photos, videos

And if you want to create a more durable and at the same time beautiful design, this is also not a problem. You can make a bird feeder with your own hands from any tree, the main thing is to outline the correct drawings and transfer them to plywood. Here is one of them.

For the manufacture we need plywood, the dimensions of the sheets are as follows:

  • thickness 5-8 mm;
  • the size of 1 large fragment is 1190 * 950 mm;
  • instead, you can take several smaller fragments: 350 * 350 mm, 420 * 300 mm and 420 * 295 mm.
  • self-tapping screws;
  • rail (170 cm), section 15 * 15 mm;
  • rail (190 cm), section 40 * 15 mm;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • jigsaw.

The sequence of actions is shown in the photo.

Here’s how to make a bird feeder with your own hands according to this scheme:

Step 1. We take plywood and cut a square with a side of 350 mm – this is the bottom.

Step 2. Next, we fasten the rectangular bars along the contour: a pair of 350 mm and a pair of 320 mm (you can fix it with self-tapping screws).

Step 3. Saw 8 parallelepipeds from the rail, each 140 mm long. On one side of each of them we will make a saw cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 4. These blocks are set in the corners parallel to the sides, while the saw cut should come up.

Step 5. Now we retreat 6 cm from these bars and fix the square bars (their length coincides with the dimensions – 350 mm and 320 mm).

Step 6. It remains to make a roof. It is made of plywood boards with dimensions of 420 * 295 mm, to the long side of which a block of 15 * 15 mm is fixed (its length is 420 mm). We fix another plywood sheet to it (size 420 * 300 mm).

Step 7. We fix the roof with the base using self-tapping screws (2 fasteners in each support).

Step 8. Now, with the help of a drill, we make 2 holes on the roof, pull out a strong rope and hang it on a tree.

A drawing for a wooden feeder can be developed independently, using such examples.

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands from different materials

And we’ll use the video tutorial, which clearly shows one of the manufacturing options.

Well, these original products will surely inspire wooden craftsmen to create their own masterpiece.

Homemade bird feeder made of plastic bottles

What else, if not wood, can make a bird feeder? Of course, made of plastic.

The material does not need processing, can withstand heat and cold, and is resistant to moisture. The only drawback is short-lived, but for 1 season it will definitely be enough. It’s also easy, but this problem can be easily solved: there will always be heavy objects in the household that will reliably balance the design.

To make this simple model, which a schoolchild can handle, you will need:

  • a sufficiently large plastic bottle – at least 1 liter, and preferably 3;
  • scissors (a clerical knife is also convenient);
  • strong rope for hanging;
  • adhesive tape to prevent injuries (for more details, see the step-by-step instructions);
  • weighting agent (for example, dense material – linoleum, etc.);
  • felt-tip pen.

We will act like this:

Step 1. First, let’s get down to art. We mark with a felt-tip pen 2 small windows on opposite sides of the bottle – this will be 2 entrances for birds. It is better to make them exactly in the middle, not too big and not too small so that all guests can get a treat, but at the same time the wind does not blow the food.

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Step 2. Cut the holes along the contour. And be sure to cut the edges, getting rid of the burrs. And then we pass through them with tape or even electrical tape so that the birds do not get hurt.

Step 3. It is better to make several holes in the bottom so that moisture comes out in them.

Step 4. Now we cut out the weighting material along the perimeter of the bottom. Take linoleum, add 3-4 times. Moreover, such blanks should also be 3-4 pieces.

Step 5. And now we take the cap from the bottle, make a hole in the center, stretch the rope there with a previously made knot. Screw it into place, pour food and tie it to a tree.

And you can make a whole “ensemble” of feeders from the same three- or five-liter plastic containers. If you wrap them with a rug for making rolls, you get such a creative house.

Bird feeder from a bag for milk or juice

And here is another simple and quick way to make a feeder with your own hands. To make it, you will need:

  • an empty bag of milk or juice;
  • stapler (or glue, or scotch tape);
  • scissors;
  • marker or pencil;
  • adhesive plaster;
  • wand;
  • the rope.

Step 1. Naturally, we drink milk or your favorite juice, rinse the bag, ventilate and dry it.

Step 2. We take a marker or pencil, draw on the package two windows opposite each other (on opposite sides). We cut out the windows – so that it was convenient for the birds to fly in and out. We glue the bottom of the window with a band-aid so that the paws of the birds do not slip.

Step 3. Under the windows we make cuts in the form of a cross and insert a stick, you can use ice cream – it will serve as a sixth.

Step 4. We fasten the upper part of the package with a stapler or tape, or with glue. We make a hole in it and thread a rope. Done!

And here are some more options for a feeder from a juice bag – they are made super-simple and fast:

And here it’s worth a little imagination, take colored paper and glue – and now, please, you can open a restaurant for the birds!

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands from vegetables and fruits

Feeders can also be made from the peel of some vegetables and fruits. The advantages of such products are obvious – the birds will not get hurt, will not breathe in the fumes of glue, varnish or antiseptic. And from the guts themselves they can peck the remains of the pulp.

From orange

We take a large orange and grapefruit and honestly eat at least half the fruit. Then we remove the remains of the pulp so that they do not scare off too bright a smell, make 4 holes at equal distances, thread 2 ropes and sprinkle the seeds.

This design, as they say, is disposable – until the first strong wind. But you can do it in 5 minutes, which will especially please children. And the birds will surely be happy.


And this is a more complicated option, although more reliable. The pumpkin peel is strong, almost oak, so at least 1 season will definitely be able to serve as a feeder.

To make this interesting craft, we need:

  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • drill;
  • strong rope;
  • wire staples;
  • a few twigs.

Step 1. We take a whole pumpkin, completely cut off the top. The result should be 2 unequal parts – about 1/3 and 2/3. We remove the pulp, from it you can cook, for example, millet porridge with milk. You can still make manti or delicious pumpkin salads.

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And we will make a birdhouse – or rather, an original feeding trough.

Step 2. In most of the pumpkins, we make 2-3 pairs of holes into which we insert the sticks – these will be convenient perches for flying guests.

Step 3. Now we fix the wire bracket to the very center of the bottom. We thread the rope into it so that it falls crosswise.

Step 4. That’s all. You can stop at this stage. And you can make a roof – then it will turn out both practical and beautiful.

Step 5. To do this, put 4-5 sticks along the contour and put on the lid (the very small part of the pumpkin) on them. We hang on a tree and generously pour food.

And you can also make such a feeder out of pumpkin – perhaps it is even simpler than the previous one.

At-hand bird feeders: simple ideas with photos

Simple and very original feeders can even be made of materials that at first glance seem completely unsuitable for this purpose.

From gelatin

For example, what is the relationship between the feeder and gelatin?

But in fact – direct. Dissolve gelatin according to all the rules:

Step 1. A tablespoon of the powder is diluted in a glass of cool boiled water (250 ml) from the refrigerator.

Step 2. We wait an hour, periodically stirring the solution so that the gelatin does not settle to the bottom. You can warm it all the time in a water bath.

Step 3. We heat the gelatin on the stove, but do not bring it to a boil – only until it is completely dissolved.

Step 4. Thoroughly stir, add bird food.

Step 5. Pour into molds and leave to cool first at room temperature.

Step 6. And then put it in the refrigerator for several hours.

The main thing is to think in advance how the mold will be attached to the tree. That is, it is better to immediately attach a rope to it, and only then work with the food base.

Although you can just put the ends of the rope in a liquid mixture, and then it hardens with it. It turns out a very interesting and practical version of the feeder.

Walnut feeder

Other “tasty” methods come to the rescue – for example, coconut.

From the children’s designer

In principle, fantasy has no boundaries whatsoever, and a feeder can even be made from a designer. Great fun for the child, especially if you do this craft together.

Fancy Bracelet Feeder

And here is a completely original version – beautiful ladies will certainly appreciate it. After all, such an article can be called not even a feeder, but a kind of bracelet on his hand.

We take a beautiful colored wire (although the birds, of course, the main thing is not beauty, but daily bread), we string food on it – for example, the same rings for breakfast, bend into any shape and you’re done. It turns out such an interesting garland, and you can make it literally in 15 minutes.

Here are just a few interesting ideas on how to make a bird feeder with your own hands from the most common materials. As you can see, the manufacturing process does not have to be complicated – many models can really be made with a child.

A great way to organize family activities!

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