How To Make A Bird Feeder

How to make a bird feeder

Your child informed you that they were given the task of doing a science lesson make a bird feeder , or maybe you just wanted to feed bullfinches on the winter beauties on your balcony.

We will show you several ways. how to make a bird feeder do it yourself. Among our options will be plywood feeders, for the making of which you most likely will need the help of dad and simpler feeders, which your child can do on his own (of course, under your guidance).

To begin with, we define the main rules that it is desirable to observe when creating any feeder:

  • the feeder must be with a roof, otherwise rain or snow will lead to unsuitable food for birds;
  • the holes in the feeder should be large enough so that the bird can freely enter and also just leave the feeder.

So, how to make a bird feeder with your own hands.

The first to consider the most difficult way. creating a wooden feeder.

For its manufacture, we need four bars, four slats and two sheets of plywood, a rope or wire for attaching the feeder to the branches.

We connect everything as shown in the figure and get a fairly strong and durable bird feeder. Moreover, the dimensions in the figure are shown for example, you can vary them as you want.

How to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle.

The method is the simplest and does not require much time, and there are materials for it in every home.
An oval hole needs to be cut out in a plastic bottle; a hole has to be made in the lid to secure the rope. Everything – the feeder is ready. Fast and cheap. A good addition would be the edging of the hole for the birds with a pipe cut along (for example, from a dropper). This will allow you to hide the sharp edges, thereby protecting from the damage to the legs of birds.

How to make a bird feeder

In the same way, you can make a feeder from a cardboard bag of milk, but its durability will be very small due to the fact that the cardboard quickly gets wet in the rain and your work goes down the drain.

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The manufacturing, as well as the principle of operation of a hanging feeder for automatic filling, will be very interesting.

And for the manufacture of this "miracle of technology" you need only a few boards, a glass bottle with a wide neck and wire. The feed enters the table from the bottle in special recesses in the bottom board (there will always be a certain amount of feed in the recesses). Such a feeder can be attached to a tree or to a balcony frame.

Another simple option for making a feeder will require you very little time, one glass jar, preferably with a volume of 3 liters, one nylon cover and a bit of clothesline, and preferably a stiff wire.

A hole in the diameter of 5-7 centimeters is cut in the nylon cap, a wire or rope is tied around the neck and at the bottom of the can. The feeder is ready. Rigid wire is better in that you can make a hook for fastening it on a branch, and you will have to tie the rope.

Actually, there are a lot of options for bird feeders. It all depends on how the fantasy takes place and what materials are at hand. The material for the manufacture can be wood, plastic, glass, metal and even old tights. The main goal of co-manufacturing a feeder is to instill a child with love for animals and birds. This will help you introduce your child to the world of birds, and also explain the important role of man in nature.

We hope that our little tips will help you resolve the issue. how to make a bird feeder , and you will have a wonderful time with your child in the company, mastering and coming up with new options for feeders.

How to make a bird feeder