How To Decorate A Bird Feeder

How to decorate a bird feeder

How to decorate a bird feeder is a pleasant concern for many people, especially children. If you need to make a simple craft, then it will be enough to use a cardboard box or a plastic bottle. A more reliable option is houses made of plywood and boards. But such designs look simple. They can be decorated with various details so that they look aesthetically pleasing and interesting, and not boring, as is usually the case.

What should be the feeders

Build a feeder is not difficult. But usually it has an unremarkable appearance. But there are many ways to make it unusual, interesting and beautiful. The main thing is the designer’s imagination. For example, you can make the design of the usual form, but then paint it with paints or stick colored paper, various images, make inscriptions, attach a variety of figures. Unusually shaped feeding troughs are also very popular.

But it is not recommended to use various rattling materials or those that shine or rustle. They will act as feathered repellents. In addition, the decorations themselves that are used on the feeder should not interfere with humans and birds. Dressing should be thought out so that it was not difficult for a person to pour food into the container, and it was easy for birds to fly up and get their portion of food.

How to decorate a bird feeder

Plywood feeder

In addition, there are some requirements for such structures that are recommended to be followed during their design:

  1. The product should be comfortable for birds.
  2. The sides and cover must be protected from rain and wind. Due to the effects of water, grain and other feed will simply go bad.
  3. You can use any materials to create the item, but it is recommended to choose those that are resistant to moisture. Otherwise, the design will then have to be changed.
  4. You can not make sharp corners, so as not to harm living creatures.
  5. If the feeder is intended for small birds, then its size should also be small. Otherwise, large and aggressive birds will simply steal food.

It does not matter what material is used to create such structures, the main thing is that they meet the following requirements:

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • security;
  • comfort.

Proper preparation will make the feeder very attractive to birds, which will be interesting to watch for both adults and children.

How to arrange simple feeders

Coloring the feeder is not difficult. Conventional paints transform the design. In addition, the crafts thanks to them will last much longer. Thanks to an additional layer of varnish or drying oil, the “dining room” for birds will look new and fresh. Choose a plot, shades and patterns will be a master to your taste. Usually used winter motifs, images of plants, birds.

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If you completely paint the feeder, it will look like a house from a fairy tale. But the drawings can be glued ready-made, if you can’t do it yourself.

An interesting option is to decorate only the cover structure. First, it must be painted in one tone, and then painted. You can use ready-made stencils during the design process. Another option is to draw certain elements. For example, you can paint over the inlet, and then draw an ornament on the walls.

It is necessary to prepare paints, a primer, a brush in advance and choose a suitable drawing. Not necessarily the image should be complex – the usual contour will do. For example, you can draw butterflies, birds, houses, bees, flowers, beetles.

How to decorate a bird feeder

The primer can be white acrylic paint. It is supposed to cover all surfaces on which painting will be later. Then wait until the layer dries. After that, translate the motive and begin to decorate it. Of the paints, acrylic or gouache is suitable. When the image is completely dry, it remains only to cover everything with a protective varnish – it is better to make several layers. It is recommended to use colorless acrylic, as it has practically no aroma.

There is another way to decorate the walls and roof of the product. It is necessary to coat them with mealy glue or gelatin, and then sprinkle with grains, seeds, cereals, nuts, dried berries and other things that are suitable as food for birds. Such designs quickly attract birds.

Feeding troughs can be constructed from various materials. The easiest way is to use a shoe box and make appropriate holes in it. A milk carton or juice box is also suitable. Often they use plastic bottles of different sizes – usually from 1.5 liters to 5 liters. They also need to make special holes and then tie the container firmly to the branch.

Wooden bird feeders look more serious than cardboard and plastic. Such an article will definitely decorate the yard. It can be made from plywood, boards, ordinary branches and trunks, logs. You can arrange a “dining room” for birds in the form of a house, mill, beehive. But such work requires skill.

Fancy bird feeders

There are various types of bird feeders. Depending on your own imagination and capabilities, you can construct very unusual instances. To make the feeder original, rare and expensive materials are not needed. Even the most ordinary items will help make the craft fun.

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How to decorate a bird feeder

Plastic bottle feeder

For example, you can use an old cup with a saucer and a teapot for brewing. Place a plate with a cup on a stand. Cover them with food. Place the teapot vertically, as if something was being poured from it into a cup. To fix such design on a tree. You can still get by with an ordinary cup and saucer. It is necessary to make 4 holes along the edge of the latter at an equal distance between each other. Glue the cup to the saucer and thread it into the holes of the rope, for which the structure will be suspended from the branches.

Another interesting option from which you can make a feeding trough is ordinary tin cans. In addition, you will need ice cream sticks, glue and a brush, pieces of material, twine, paint and a stencil. First you need to coat the jar with glue and lay on its walls multi-colored pieces of fabric. Wait until it dries and stick the wand to either side. Then tie the can with twine. Use black ink and stencils to make various inscriptions. Pour the feed into the jar and tie it to the branch. If there is no glue and fabric at hand, then you can simply paint the cans in different colors and hang them nearby. Then we decorate the yard with such a garland.

An unusual feeding trough can be made from an old sieve. In addition, you will need a vine, wire, twine and flowers. First you need to weave a wreath from the vine. Then in three places tie it with twine. After that, fix the lower side of the sieve to the wreath with a wire. Decorate everything from above with dried flowers. Now it remains only to hang the feeder to the tree and pour grain on a sieve. To decorate this design, you can use fresh flowers and berries.

How to decorate a bird feeder

Can feeder

An original feeder also comes out of the power supply for the computer. In addition, it is multi-tiered, which is very convenient. If you want to add something to the resulting design, then color it.

You can still make a kind of “dining room” for birds from ordinary wire. It is necessary to wrap it many times, forming various shapes. Then they just put food, but only a large fraction.

Children’s cubes can also be used. It is enough to make holes in them, through which the birds will fly inside to get the grain. As a result, a kind of house comes out. You can make a whole garland of them.

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Food Feeders

In order to make a “dining room” for birds, you can do with only one food. For example, you can cut a feed container from a watermelon or pumpkin. The first option is perfect if Halloween is coming soon. You can even make a real house out of pumpkins: cut doors, windows. Cut the top too, so that you can pour grain, and then close the resulting container. The result is unusual and beautiful feeders.

There are many other options. You will need cones, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, lard. Be sure to choose what foods you need to take into account what future guests directly prefer.

How to decorate a bird feeder

Pumpkin feeder

The easiest option to make a bird feeder is to string dried fruits and berries on a rope. Then, just hang the resulting garland between the branches. In addition, the birds in the winter require lard (but only unsalted). It is necessary to cut it into small pieces, string it on a wire and hang it. Another interesting option is the bumps. They should cut the middle part of them, and then hang them on the branches. As a result, a ready-made feeding trough comes out. It is preliminary recommended to coat the cone with condensed milk, honey, and then roll in the grain.

You can make the feeder in a different way and give the shape of a heart, ring, star, and more. To get such an original option, it is necessary to cut 3 molds from cardboard – they must be completely identical. Then grease with powdery paste from different directions and sprinkle with seeds, grains, dried fruits. Then wait until everything dries. After that, connect both halves with a rope or glue together.

You can even do without cardboard. It is necessary to soak white bread in water, squeeze it and mix with nuts and seeds. Then form a ball and attach a rope with a loop to it. It remains only to wait until the ball dries – and it can be hung on a branch. Another option would be great – using fat. You need to melt it, then pour more grains, cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruits. Then pour into molds. Attach a wire or rope immediately. Now it remains only to wait for the mass to freeze, and the finished feeders can only be hung up.


Beautiful bird feeders will decorate the yard and will please everyone, pleasing to the eye. In addition, it is always interesting to observe birds. There are many options for its design. You can use ordinary plastic containers, cardboard boxes, boards, logs and other materials.