How Can I Handle A Bird Feeder

How can I handle a bird feeder

The original decoration of the garden can be not only a swing or unusually laid out paths. Do not forget about the useful and practical decor. These are bird feeders that are easy to do with your own hands and attract children to work. After all, they like not only to observe feathered guests, but also to realize the value of their activities. You can make a temporary dining room from various materials. The feeder can be classic – made of wood. However, models from paper boxes, metal and plastic cans, car headlights, coconut shells will be no less attractive.

Beer can bird feeder

The simplest version of a bird feeder is a model created from a beer can. To make it, you will need to take an empty container, rinse the dishes from the rest of the drink. Then, using a marker on the surface of the jar, a place is designated for the hole. Caution, along the contours you will need to cut it. To do this, just use a sharp knife. So that feathered friends could not get injured on sharp edges, it is recommended to glue them with electrical tape, adhesive tape or other material. The hazardous areas should also be treated with silicone. Decorate the jar is recommended to your liking:

How can I handle a bird feeder

Beer can bird feeder

Plastic bottle feeder: step-by-step workshop

Another extremely simple version of the bird feeder, which does not take much time to create. model from a plastic bottle. To make such a feeder with your own hands, you do not need to have special skills and craftsmanship.

The shape and volume of the material used are not fundamentally important. First, a plastic bottle must be washed. This will eliminate the smell of the drink so that it does not mix with the aroma of the feed, which often scares away garden guests. It is also recommended to remove all labels.

To create a bird feeder, you need to prepare:

  • sticks or spoons made of wood;
  • plastic bottle;
  • scissors;
  • twine for hanging the composition on the site;
  • feed.

Step 1 – Holes are made to accommodate the spoons. With a sharp knife, you need to cut the bottle in several places so that the sixes freely fall into place. Also, these fragments are intended for the convenience of our smaller brothers. They can freely and comfortably fit on them during a snack.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Plastic bottle feeder for birds

Note! It is optimal to use not sticks, namely, spoons, for feeding from a plastic bottle. Food will be poured into them, and not fall to the ground.

Slots in the material are recommended to be made crosswise. This will allow you to place a couple of spoons at the same time. It is best to work with a wallpaper knife, as it is sharper than a kitchen tool.

Step 2 – Placing wood parts. Fragments are set in prepared slots also crosswise.

Step 3 – All that remains is to make a strong and reliable mount for the feeder. To the neck you need to tie the twine and fix the structure on the tree. To do this, create a hole in the cap from a plastic bottle with an awl or a soldering iron. A rope is inserted into it, which is best folded in half. The ends of the twine are best knotted.

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On a note! Do not use a bright thread. She often scares birds away.

Step 4 – Now you need to pour food and take out the house on the street.

It would be nice to decorate a similar dining room for our smaller brothers. It is recommended to include imagination and trust your own creative impulses.

Wooden Bird Feeder: Step-by-Step Master Class

A convenient DIY bird feeder is often created from wood. This is a kind of classic that never expires, although it requires a lot of time and effort in manufacturing. In addition, it is worth considering that those who are familiar with the basics of working with bars, plywood sheets or wood will be able to make such a feeder.

First, it is recommended to prepare all the necessary materials and tools. Useful in work:

  • hammer;
  • wood glue;
  • nails
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • glazing bead;
  • wooden corner;
  • plywood 4 mm thick;
  • bar.

On a note! It is optimal to make the feeder not from new materials, but from parts left over from other products.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Wooden bird feeder: materials and tools

Step 1 – It is recommended to start the activity with a foundation. For this, bars are used that are laid out in the form of a rectangle or square. You need to fasten them with screws. Adjacent areas are best additionally glued. The result is a reliable box.

Then, from a sheet of plywood, it is necessary to cut a square with the parameters 23×23 cm. This is the future bottom, which must be attached to the box from the bars with nails. Next, fix the side bars. They need 2. Here, later on, poles for birds will be formed. A bar about 33 cm long must be carefully secured. At the same time, overhang of each edge should leave about 5 cm.

Step 2 – Install the parts under the roof of the bird feeder. To do this, use 4 racks. The length of each of them should be approximately 20 cm. They are best fixed on the inside of the workpiece.

Step 4 – You can mount the roof. To do this, make 2 frames separately. They are fixed to the created racks with glue and screws.

Note! In each bar it is recommended to make a small hole in advance. This will allow the fragment not to deform when the self-tapping screw is screwed.

For the roof, it is recommended to take a plywood sheet. The material is cut into a pair of rectangles. The optimal size for them is 21×33 cm. The workpieces need to be aligned and nailed to the frame. So that the roof of the feeder does not leak, does not clog with snow, looks attractive, it is worth making a skate too. For it you need to use a corner made of wood. It is better to fix a detail on joiner’s glue.

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Step 5 – We need to make poles. For the crossbars, it is optimal to take ordinary glazing beads, which will then be fixed on the workpiece with carpentry glue. To install the feeder on a tree, you also need to make a special lock. You can use ready-made screws. Under them, holes with an appropriate diameter are drilled in the roof ridge. To keep the feeder tight, it is better to install 2 screws.

It remains only to bring the house in proper form. To make the design look beautiful and neat, the feeder can be processed with putty for wooden products. Especially thoroughly it is necessary to go through places where hats from nails and self-tapping screws are visible. Then the surface is ground. To do this, take sandpaper.

In order for the original and solid wood structure to last longer, it is recommended to protect it from moisture, temperature fluctuations, precipitation by processing with a special solution. For these purposes, impregnation based on white alcohol or a solvent is suitable. However, such a composition may be hazardous to birds. That is why it is recommended to arm with a water-based product.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Wooden bird feeder

It is easy to give the bird feeder its original look with an airbrush and paints. Previously, a stencil with a pattern is made of paper or film. It is superimposed on the roof of the structure and stained. Such a bird feeder is not only reliable, but also bright. It will become a wonderful decoration of the garden.

Edible feeders: some simple and original options

Another original option is an edible bird feeder. Such a model does not take much time to create. However, it will be very attractive to feathered guests.

There are several options for creating such feeders. You can make such a design based on:

A unique garland is created from the presented products. Any type of feed or all of them mixed together is strung on a strong rope and suspended from the branches of trees in the garden or in the park. A unique feature of such models is their ease of implementation and convenience. When the feed is finished, an empty thread remains. It is almost invisible, and therefore will not spoil the appearance of the territory. It can always be easily removed and thrown away.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Another version of the feeder can be made on the basis of margarine, butter or lard. To do this, you need to melt the base in a bowl over low heat. Then seeds, nuts, dried fruits are added to the oily liquid. The resulting mixture must be poured in previously prepared molds. To do this, you can use ordinary plastic cups. Filled containers are taken outside, in the cold. When the mass hardens, the mold must be removed.

Note! When the mixture is still in liquid form, it is recommended to put a thread into it. It will come in handy when it comes time to hang a hand-made feeding trough on a tree.

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It is worth to be safe if there are fears that the feeding trough could fall. In this situation, it is recommended to fix the feed in the net. By the way, for such a solution it is not necessary to melt butter or lard. Everything is made much simpler. A ball is made from the net, inside of which the prepared feed is laid out. The attractiveness of this model is not only that the minimum amount of food falls from the container. A variety of birds fly to the net.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Edible Bird Feeder

Among other edible feeders, it is worth noting solutions based on:

  • coconut shell;
  • pumpkin, in which holes are pre-cut and all the pulp and seeds are removed;
  • bushings from toilet paper coated with honey, on which feed is easily attached.
  • No less attractive for feathered guests are cones with seeds, grains, nuts.

Model of the feeder out of the box

Not only a plastic bottle, plywood or beer can can make a feeder. A simple and convenient version of the paper box is obtained. For work, you should use a package of milk, cream, yogurt. The main thing is that the container is dense. Well, if the cardboard is laminated.

Many people use a box of chocolates in this situation. The lower part becomes an excellent pallet. The cover can be made in the form of a canopy. It will cover the birds from strong winds and protect the food from waking up, snowfall or sudden rain, which in recent years is not uncommon for the winter period.

On a note! In order for the cardboard feeder to serve until spring, it should first be pasted with adhesive tape on all sides.

How can I handle a bird feeder

Cardboard Bird Feeder

To create a simple feeder, you will need scissors and a rope. First, on one side of a cardboard box from under the milk or juice, a contour of a future hole is marked with a marker or felt-tip pen. Then it is cut with scissors. The opening should be quite large so that it easily fit a bird that flew in to eat. If the inside is equipped with a metallized coating, it is worth securing the birds. For this, contours cut by scissors will need to be processed with a soft material. The easiest way to do this is with tape, just pasting the frame around the perimeter.

Then, in the upper part of the obtained workpiece, two holes are made with an awl or a sharp knife. A rope is inserted through them, which will serve as a fastener. It is advisable to fix it in half, so that the structure thoroughly rests on the branch.

It remains only to further cover the surface of the feeder with tape to strengthen it. Now, feed is poured into the dining room for the birds, and you can tie it to a tree.