Diy Pigeon Feeders Step By Step Instructions

DIY pigeon feeders: step-by-step instructions

Pigeon feeders

Requirements and parameters of an ideal feeder

Properly selected feeder for pigeons plays an important role in breeding birds. The level of sanitary cleanliness, bird comfort, and the convenience of cleaning the dovecote depend on this.

Of course, you can do with simple containers in which to fill the grain. But for small pigeons, which are only excommunicating from the nest, such a diet will be a lot of stress. In addition, if the owner of the dovecote needs to leave for a few days, and there is no one to entrust the economy, the creation of such a dining room for birds will be the best solution.

How to feed pigeons

The main menu of domestic pigeons is grain and grass, but this is not the whole list of products that can feed birds. How to choose the right amount of feed depending on the breed and correctly formulate a diet, you will learn from this article.

Experienced pigeon breeders recommend creating separate feeders for adults and small individuals to ensure comfort. After all, little chicks, who have just left the nest and are gradually getting used to adulthood, are still afraid to approach the common feeding trough with experienced adults.

Homemade pigeon feeders

Feeding troughs can be divided into two types:

A box feeder is much easier to make from improvised means. At the same time, it is not inferior to automatic in terms of ease of maintenance and cleaning.

In addition, if the feathered birds spend a large amount of time outdoors, eating freely food from the ground, then the box type will be more familiar to them.

We create conditions for the right content

Before deciding on the model and material from which to build a feeder, you should understand what the main requirements must be done by a do-it-yourself construction.

Do-it-yourself pigeon feeder option

  • birds should have direct access to feed;
  • the design must have reliable protection against the entry of debris, snow and rain into the feed;
  • the owner of the dovecote should be comfortable to clean the structure;
  • dirt from feathered paws should not directly get on the grain.

Whichever option you choose, it should be equipped with a grain pan and a protective cover against snow and debris.

Choose material

No less important when choosing a feeder and material. As a rule, pigeon breeders use wooden or plastic products, but also can be made from other improvised means: metal, cardboard, a plastic bottle.

The feeder is important for young chicks when switching to self-feeding

The practical and reliable design will stand idle for more than one season, delighting the birds and the owner of the dovecote.

How to make a wooden feeder with your own hands: step by step instructions

Making pigeon feeders

To make the simplest model, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 medium-sized boards;
  • plywood plate;
  • 4 bars of wood;
  • nails, hammer, screwdriver;
  • measuring tape and pencil.

Step 1. Assembling the main box

We assemble a small box from the prepared boards, which will serve as the basis of the feeder. The sides of the box should be high enough so that the pigeons do not fall inside. To do this, it is necessary to fix the bars on the side of the boards, as shown in the figure.

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Step 2. Production of a movable pallet and protective roof

We adjust their slats to fit the roof and attach to the box. It will serve as a reliable protection against ingress of rain and debris.

In order for pigeons not to sit on the roof, it is recommended to fix a wooden turntable from above, which will turn and protect the roof from pigeons.

Step 3. Attach the drinker

In order for birds to have constant access to clean water, you can attach a plastic bottle to the side of the feeder.

Previously, the bottom must be cut off and wrapped with tape to avoid injury. Turning the bottle over and attaching it with a cord or metal cord to the side, we get a container in which water will be stored.

Attach a drinker to the side of the feeder

In order for the bowl to slowly fill with water, as the birds consume moisture, make a small hole in the bottle cap and tighten it tightly. After pouring the right amount of water, it will gradually drop by drop into a substituted bowl. Thus, the birds will have constantly clean water.

Cardboard pigeon feeder

For amateur beginners who are just mastering this hobby, the easiest option is to make a small dining room for birds from cardboard. Of course, such a model will not withstand heavy rainfall, but it is suitable for the summer period.

Cardboard feeder

This simple option can be safely done from a shoe box. The main thing is to be patient and savvy to decorate your site and make a convenient feeding place.

To complete the work you will need:

  • a cardboard box of a suitable size;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.
DIY pigeon feeders step by step instructions

Adhesive tape helps protect the birdhouse from moisture.

In one part of the box, it is necessary to cut a large hole, which will provide easy access for birds within the structure. In order for the bottom not to get wet, the container can be hung from a tree or house. To do this, cut holes in the side and thread the cord.

Consider the light weight of the structure and the fact that with strong gusts of wind it can swing. To do this, it is necessary to pour large stones at the bottom, which will not create excess debris, but at the same time ensure a stable position.

How to make a plastic feeder

This option is perhaps the simplest and any owner of a dovecote will be able to handle it.

A simple version of a plastic bottle feeder

Of the advantages it should be noted:

  • ease of implementation;
  • accessibility of materials;
  • resistance to temperature changes and moisture;
  • reliable protection of feed from wind and precipitation.

To perform the work, you need to take two plastic bottles of different diameters. If the dovecote is small, then 2 and 1.5 liter bottles can be used. For large offspring of birds it is better to prepare bottles of 10 and 5 liters, respectively.

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Cut off a piece of plastic

  • from a bottle of a smaller diameter, cut the bottom and neck;
  • the neck is removed from the second bottle of a larger diameter with the help of a knife, while the bottom is not touched;
  • Using a pencil, measure the point closer to the neck on the smaller bottle and make a hole. It is necessary to pour feed into this container;
  • put a piece of a larger bottle on top of the small bottle.

DIY drinking bowl

The pigeon breeder is familiar with a situation where a little chick still cannot take food on its own, but at the same time he urgently needs a drink. The fact is that when leaving the nest, about 80% of small individuals experience great stress, which is also associated with a temporary refusal of food.

In this situation, it is necessary to make a special design that would be combined with a drinking bowl, and from which it would be easier for small chicks to take food.

Making drinkers for pigeons

Such a device should be at the center of the nesting area, so that small birds gradually become accustomed to a new diet.

For the manufacture of drinking bowls in the amount of three pieces, plastic bottles with a capacity of 3 or 5 liters will be needed, depending on the size of the farm.

Also, to create a wooden base that will fix the bottles, you need to take:

  • a wooden board measuring 30 * 60 cm;
  • 4 wooden blocks.

We nail the bars to the wooden board at the same distance so that a plastic bottle fits between them. Keep in mind that it should enter freely, without deforming, but at the same time touch the walls.

Cut off a piece of plastic

We cut off the bottom of all three bottles and wrap the cut with tape so that our hands are not damaged during operation.

From the bottom we make bowls, which will serve as the tank where the water flows and from where the birds will have free access to moisture. In order not to injure the birds, it is recommended to tape the sharp edges of the plastic with tape.

Make small holes in the lids with a thin drill so that the water slowly drains into the container.

Drill a hole with a drill

To protect against debris and snow, erect a guard on drinking bowls so that pigeons always have clean water.

During the heat, for disinfection, experienced blueberries recommend adding a weak solution of potassium permanganate to the water.

When arranging a pigeon farm and creating a drinking bowl, it is very important to take into account the characteristics and habits of birds. For example, when a pigeon drinks water, he plunges his head almost to his eyes. Therefore, the water level should be deep enough. But not much so that the birds do not stir up the water.

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For the winter period, it is better to make a drinking bowl for birds with the possibility of heating, as they will not be able to produce water.

Creating an automatic feeder

Unlike previous options, the creation of an automatic design will require a little more time and dexterity. But there are situations when you need to excommunicate. In order for the birds to have a sufficient amount of food and water, it is necessary to consider a metered supply system.

    We take a round plastic container and make holes in it with a diameter of 7-8 cm. Carefully process all the edges so as not to injure the birds during feeding. Consider the height of the holes from the bottom – it should be at least 5-6 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient for the birds to stick their heads inward.

Drill holes in the pot

Ready-made design

The advantage is the cleanliness of the pigeons. If you just put the grain in a bowl, then the birds scatter it everywhere. It is also convenient to feed the birds with a mixture of cereals. The birds will eat food as they arrive, without individually choosing the most delicious grains.

In order to keep the pigeon clean, the structure must be placed in a plastic or metal tray. In order to clean the dining room for birds, just remove the container and wash the tray.

Details on how to perform such a design can be found in the video.

Video – Automatic do-it-yourself feeder

Hopper type feeders

This option is also called the bunker type. An advantage is the dosed feed of grain.

But it should be understood that such a feeder is better to be placed indoors so that moisture does not get into it. For small pigeons, you can make a smaller feeder, as it will be difficult for them to reach an adult feeder.

Hopper feeder principle

Heated car drink: do it yourself

In winter, one of the problems is maintaining the temperature of the dovecote. Water quickly freezes, making it impossible for pigeons to use a drinking bowl.

In this case, the optimal solution would be to create a heated drinker that will provide direct access to water even in severe frosts.

The drinking bowl will consist of four parts:

  • coasters;
  • drinking capacity;
  • dosed water bottles;
  • heating element.

To create the following materials are required:

    We take a round plastic container and make holes in it with a diameter of 7-8 cm. Carefully process all the edges so as not to injure the birds while drinking. Consider the height of the holes from the bottom – it should be at least 5-6 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient for the birds to stick their heads inward.

Holes in the container

On tin can make cuts

It looks like a finished design

Details of the design features can be found in the video.

Video – Heated drinker for pigeons