Diy Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder.

DIY bird feeder

Winter, cold! Br-r. And what a bird – our lesser brothers! The earth was covered with snow. Insects and worms hid. Finding food during periods of severe frost and snowfall is probably very, very difficult. What do the birds have?

After all, when hungry, then the frost is felt much stronger. Unfortunately, a lot of birds die in cold weather. Our task is to feed the birds! Reflections on this subject led me to the idea of ​​making a feeding trough. In addition, there was another serious argument in favor of this decision, but I will talk about it at the end. There I will give a description and a photo of the bird feeder, which I got. In the meantime, I will share useful information about the "bird canteens" that I found from various sources.

What are the feeders?

1. The simplest feeder is made from a plastic bottle. You can simply cut out the window, as in the first photo, but since the birds do not like the enclosed space, it is better to make two windows.

Also, part of the cut-out window can be bent upwards, thus providing a roof so that snow does not fall on the feed. Part of the window can be bent down – you get a comfortable hearth for birds. The advantages of these feeders include their durability.

2. In second place is the simplicity of a milk bag or juice bag feeder. To do this, cut out the windows, at least two, through which the birds will fall inside the feeder. Next, with the help of a rope, we hang the feeder on a tree.

At the bottom of the package through pre-cut cross-shaped holes you can insert a twig or stick of suitable length – it will be very convenient for feathered hearths. I like the hard version of fastening the feeder more, when it does not swing in the wind or from arriving birds. There can be two options: either we attach the feeder to the tree trunk through the slots in the walls of the package, or we fasten it with screws with washers of sufficient size. The second option is possible if you need to fix it on a wall, to a window or pillar. Of course, we will not attach it to the trunk of a living tree.

Two more options for making feeders, in the form of a hut. On the left – from two boxes of juice, on the right – the material was a freed box of candy. In addition, you may need a stationery knife or scissors, scotch tape and a stapler. The advantage of bag feeders is the ease of manufacture, the absence of problems with the material. The disadvantage is the fragility of the feeder, although for one season it is enough.

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3. Feeding trough – a garland. We string food (nuts, dried fruits, crackers, slices of unsalted fat) on fleecy hemp. You can tie several of these strings at some distance from each other to a pendant stick, and from below, so as not to intertwine, to another same stick. If instead of a thread to use a metal wire, then the feeder can be given any bizarre shape.

4. You can make a wooden feeder. This is also quite simple, but such a feeder will last for more than one year. For the manufacture of such feeders require a minimum of materials and tools. In almost any household, you can find trimmed boards, bars. Even an old shovel stalk may do. Depending on what we find, we determine the shape and size of the bird’s “dining room”. If you have pieces of plywood suitable for the base and roof of the feeder, then your feeder will look more elegant.

Here are two more options for a wooden feeder. It all depends on the available materials and your imagination.

There is no need to describe the manufacturing technology of such feeders. Everything is quite simple, each, choosing the basis of the options presented, as a result creates his own unique feeding trough.

You might want to create something similar …

Or this … The feeder on the right is good because it is mounted on the wall of a house or other structure.

And finally, the feeders from the series “And you are weak!”. A real work of art. This is not some kind of eatery, but a chic restaurant. Although only a human eye can evaluate this, our feathered brothers are more likely to be delighted by the simplest, open on all sides and regularly replenished with food feed. But, the fact of the matter is that, by making a feeding trough, we have two goals. The first is to feed and save the birds from starvation. The second and equally important – to enjoy your own pleasure by observing the behavior of birds. This is very funny not only for children, but also for adults. And, you must admit, it’s much more pleasant to watch birds visiting such a chic restaurant! And in itself, the original feeding trough will become an adornment of your yard, square or personal plot.

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What do feathered people eat?

You can fill in the feeder:

sunflower seeds, but only unroasted; millet; millet; oats; crumbled crackers of white bread; unsalted fat (a treat for birds); you can give boiled eggs, boiled potatoes. Each bird has its own preferences, for example, bullfinches love to enjoy berries of mountain ash, viburnum and elderberry.

But! Birds are not allowed:

barley, beans, peas, rice, brown bread (it sours in goiter, poorly digested), salted and sweet nuts, chips. Nothing fried or with chemical additives.

Where to hang the feeder?

The feeder can be hung on a tree branch, mounted on the wall of a house or other structure. It is important that the feeder is available for you to add food and not available for cats. Try to place it so that it is convenient for you to observe birds. A small feeder can be hung outside the window or on the balcony. If you live in a high-rise building, do not be embarrassed: there have been cases when tits have visited feeders located even on the 16th floor. If you constantly take care of the birds, then they will get used to you, and you can feed them directly from your hand.

Feeders can be placed on the edges of the forest, in yards, squares. In less crowded places you can arrange a whole bird restaurant. From feathered visitors there will be no end. The main feeding trough is installed under a large general canopy, and pieces of bacon, bunches of berries, garlands of nuts, etc. are hung around the edges. In general, it is better to make several small feeders and feed different types of birds separately, since more careful and demanding pichugs on the general table simply will not appear.

How did I make a feeder?

Since I live on the second floor of a wooden house, I need such a feeder so that it can be fixed outside the window. Last years I took a bag from under the juice, laid it on its side (the sides became the bottom and the roof of the feeder), cut a large aperture in the front side through which feathered visitors would sit on the feeder, and made two openings in the back, leaving in the middle stiffener. " Fastened the feeder slightly below the window with 2-3 screws, screwing them through the "stiffener" into the window frame. Washers must be worn on the screws, which can be cut from thick cardboard. The feeder is ready, it remains to fill the feed, this can easily be done through an open window.

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DIY bird feeder

Do-it-yourself bird feeder is not only saving birds from hunger. No less important is the other achieved goal – care for their own offspring. If you make bird feeders with your children, and will periodically introduce them to replenish these bird “canteens”, this will render you an invaluable educational service. So your child will learn mercy and care. Having your own feeder, you and your child will be able to observe birds, those who constantly fly to feast on, and who only occasionally. And how much joy a visit to a feeding trough of a rare or unfamiliar bird will bring. Observing the life of birds will help the child become closer to nature, teach him to take care of the world around him … And rest assured, not a single boy will pick up a slingshot if he is taught to take care of our smaller friends in time.

Not only for children, but also for adults it can be fun to watch how the birds try to share food between themselves. And what a delight the kids are when they see how a merry company of ordinary sparrows flies in, chirping and chirping. Here is one, the smartest, grabbed a tidbit and flew to the next branch. And on the side, another timidly sits, not daring to come closer. Just like people …

P.S. Do you already have a feeding trough? Where does she expect her visitors? And who are your frequent guests? I will be glad if you share this in your comments!

P.S.S. And finally, I propose to come up with the end of the joke in the subject. Write in the comments. So,

With the advent of cold weather, they hung a feeder outside the window. Not that of a special love for the birds, mainly to …