How To Make A Simple Bird Feeder

How to make a simple bird feeder

The coming winter brought with it not only cold, but also snow, which sweeps the streets and houses, as well as various food used by birds. In order to feed the birds in winter and organize entertainment for your child, you can do bird feeder. You can sit, fancifully and choose a complex and durable feeding trough, or you can quietly make a feeding trough out of a plastic bottle without further ado.

With the onset of cold weather, we began to feed bluebirds, sprinkling them on the windowsill with sunflower seeds (seeds), various cereals and bread crumbs. But since the windowsill is slightly tilted, the wind often blows, and the pigeons come in, then the little titmice had a little feeding. We were especially upset by the pigeons, which, despite their name – the bird of the world, turned out to be stupid, greedy and dirty birds. One pigeon will fly in, blow off half of the feed with its wings, eat half at a time and leave behind five heaps of guano piles.

How to make a simple bird feeder

After such visits, the little and timid titmouse did not have anything left to feed, which prompted his wife to create a simple bird feeder from a plastic two-liter bottle. In order for the birds to see the feed, it is best to take a transparent bottle and cut a hole in it so that the birds are comfortable, and the cut part of the bottle serves as a canopy, protecting the poured feed from snow and rain. It is most convenient to place the bottle lying down, so the area for food is larger and two or three small birds – titmouse or sparrows – can immediately feed.

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Since we live on the seventh floor, you can fix the bird feeder near the window, there are no trees of this height, and no one will climb to hang the feeder and pour food to it at such a height from the ground. I was going to drill a couple of holes in the plastic profile of the window and fix the bird feeder on the screws with a big hat. But the wife began to grumble – "extra holes in the window, it will become colder …" and decided to fix the feeder herself. For this purpose, she chose the fasteners into which the mosquito net is inserted – having unscrewed a couple of self-tapping screws and secured the copper wire, she fixed the plastic bottle acting as a bird feeder.

How to make a simple bird feeder

It is not difficult to cut a bird feeder from a plastic bottle – a hole is drawn with a marker and a U-shaped hole is cut with a knife, which bends up to become a weatherproof canopy. The photo shows a black marker, which is the borders for cutting. The lighter is placed so that the bottle does not roll on the table and you can see how to bend the canopy at the feeder. If desired, even a teenager can make such a bird feeder.

For a couple of weeks, we have been observing the titmouse, which flies during the day to feast on seeds (they love it most) and various cereals – from rice to pearl barley. A visor cut out of the bottle covers the feeder from snow, which, if it flies into the feed, is then in small quantities. Watching the birds turned out to be very interesting for us and the child and even the cat, which sits down and watches the titmouse. Just like that, from an ordinary bottle from soda, you can make a bird feeder and fix it without making any efforts on its part.