How To Make A Bird Feeder With Your Own Hands

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: You can make a bird feeder with your own hands from wood, plywood, plastic bottles, milk bags, juices and cereals, pumpkin, empty coconuts, old car headlights and other improvised materials. The feeding trough will help our feathered friends survive difficult times, and will also become an original decoration for a garden or a personal plot. And if you do not forget to pour something tasty into the feeder with the arrival of heat, the attention to your garden from the bird brethren is guaranteed all year round! It is only important to know who to attract, because while some representatives of the family of birds help the garden by destroying all kinds of pests on the site, others willingly enjoy the fruits, doing it completely brazenly and unceremoniously.

How to make a classic manger for birds made of wood The classic version of a bird feeder in the form of a house can be made with your own hands from a tree 16-20 mm thick or moisture-proof plywood.

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands

All the necessary details for the construction can be cut from a board 200 cm long and 20 cm wide. A detailed drawing with exact proportions will help to produce side walls. To insert plexiglass, we cut grooves into the side walls with a milling machine to a depth of 4 mm. If the milling cutter was not at hand, you can use screws to attach the plexiglass side panels to the end of the side walls. Only in the case of screws, the size of plexiglass will have to be increased to 160×260 mm. You can even make a feeder without plexiglass, but then every day you have to add food.

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Feeding model 4 support pillars. We’ll start with the simple, classic design of a winter bird feeder. Here it is in the photo below. Let’s see what the main parts of such a wooden feeding trough are.

BOTTOM OF THE FEEDER is a simple board with sides.

FEEDBACK SUPPORTS – these are 4 bars stuffed at the corners of the bottom sides.

FRONTON is an almost triangular board stuffed to the bars (pediment on the left, and the same on the left)

ROOF SKAT – two wide boards that lie on the edges of the pediment, forming the actual roof.

ROOF SKAT may not be done with ONE WHOLE wide board – but with two narrow planks that overlap each other.

Such a homemade feeder can be hung on ropes threaded under the roof of the feeder, or you can drive a large metal hook into the ridge of the roof.

Bird feeder out of the box (package) from under juice or milk

You can make a feeder with your own hands from a milk package or tetra pack from juice, such. Even a child can do it. To do this, you will need:

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands

a clean juice bag; a piece of kapron rope or wire to hang the feeder; adhesive plaster; marker; scissors or clerical knife.

First of all, we mark and cut holes on the opposite sides of the tetra pack. To make it convenient for the birds to take food and fly out. We glue the window on the underside with adhesive tape for the convenience and safety of birds. We pierce a hole under the holes with scissors and insert cardboard wrapped in a tube, which remains from cutting holes above. In bent corners we make small holes for wire or rope. And tie to the branch.

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The feeder can be attached to a tree trunk. Such a feeder will not swing in the wind. For this, the slots for feeding are made not on opposite sides of the bag, but on adjacent ones. On the opposite side we fix the wire in the slot and fasten it to the tree.