How To Feed Bluefinches We Fill The Feeder!

What to feed bluebirds: fill the feeder!

How to feed bluefinches we fill the feeder!
How to feed bluefinches we fill the feeder!

How to feed bluefinches we fill the feeder!
How to feed bluefinches we fill the feeder!

Crackling frosts are one of the most difficult periods for birds. All plants are covered with snow, seeds are extremely difficult to find. One hope is that people will build feeders and generously help overwinter the singers. And then, in the spring, the tits will be thanked with a fervent whistle and the destruction of harmful insects.

One of the simplest versions of the feeding trough is made of a cardboard bag for sour-milk products. The container must be thoroughly washed and dried. Then, using a sharp knife, cut out the side walls, it is better if the holes are in the panels located next to each other and the other two remain deaf, this will help to avoid drafts blowing out the feed. Bends that act as columns can be strengthened with wooden planks. A tight rope or wire needs to be attached to the top of the package feeder, this will reduce the likelihood of breakage.

In no case should wintering birds be given fried or salty foods; they significantly undermine the stamina and health of the birds. Brown bread is also dangerous, it can cause fermentation in goiter, especially if feeding takes place at low temperatures.

Now it’s time to learn how to feed bluebirds so that sweet songwriters can safely winter. Since childhood, it is known that small city birds with pleasure peck bread crumbs. Indeed, crumbs, fresh or dried, are a great way to diversify the diet of birds.

All kinds of cereals are also well suited for the role of feed. Millet, wheat, corn and even Hercules oatmeal. Also, if possible, you can hang "beads" from the mountain ash on the feeder, such edible jewelry will be appreciated by red-breasted singing guests – bullfinches. It is worth making sure that the filling of the feeder is varied, this will help to attract various birds to the salvage canteen, because they all need food during the winter cold.

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It doesn’t matter what they eat in the wild, seeds of plants or small insects. During crackling frosts any oily seeds will help them to maintain strength. Pumpkin or sunflower, the main thing is that they are small enough and, of course, not fried and not flavored with salt.

Calcium top dressing will not be superfluous for wintering birds. To make it, you do not have to spend the family budget or make special efforts. All that is needed is an egg shell. It must be carefully crushed and added to the grain feed.

You can also make delicious and healthy garlands. To do this, using a gypsy needle on a strong thread, it is necessary to string various types of dried fruits, nuts, as well as small crackers and stale bagels. Pretty singers will definitely appreciate such a gift.

If the winter turned out to be especially frosty, birds will need high-calorie food. This is due to the fact that they are forced to spend more energy on maintaining body temperature. And if rural titmouse can bask in utility rooms, then only a full-fledged diet will save the inhabitants of megalopolises. The best high-calorie top dressing is animal fat: lard and margarine.

So, if a bluebird feeder is made, it is worth upgrading it, driving a few nails into the columns, not forgetting to polish their hats. On these pins, attach a few slices of fat, always unsalted. City birds, sparrows and titmouse will willingly "pat" him, replenishing his strength.

Margarine can be given in the form of a piece if the ambient temperature does not melt it. You can also cook a "bird cake", in this form it is easier to use animal fat for birds. To do this, you need to take any suitable food, for example, seeds, millet, eggshell, bread crumbs and pour them with melted unsalted margarine. After solidification, the resulting pie can be placed in a net of vegetables and hung next to the feeder.

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If the “bird cake” turns out to be liquid, it can be poured into any suitable container and placed near the feeder, the birds will enjoy it in this form.

In winter, birds must be fed, observing all the rules and recommendations. This will help them survive the crackling frosts, so that with the first rays of the spring sun they will again delight with their songs and perky behavior, not to mention their benefits to the city’s ecosystem.