Diy Bird Feeder Materials, Drawings And Designs

DIY bird feeder: materials, drawings and options

In winter, birds have a hard time. If there are huge snow drifts on the street, it is very difficult for our feathered friends to find food for themselves. A person can help birds survive the harsh winter and save them from starvation: just make a small “canteen” for them. Before you make a feeder with your own hands, you need to decide which birds you want to feed in a harsh winter. You need to learn more about the nature of birds, their habits and eating habits. Having solved these issues, you can proceed directly to business.

Variety of materials

You can make a feeder from anything. All materials that can be found can be safely used. Suitable building materials include:

  • packets of juice;
  • plastic bottles and eggplants;
  • old children’s cubes from plastic;
  • used corrugated boxes;
  • large food trays.

There are no boundaries for fantasy. But feeders from such "raw materials" will not last long. The best option is a wood feeder. If it is well soaked with oil, coated with emulsion or painted, it will serve for years. To make such a “dining room” in 5 minutes will not work, but the final result is worth the time and effort. It looks very beautiful and decorates any site.

In order for the feeders to be durable, it is better to take an array of wood as a building material. For his lack, you can do with plywood and beams. The roof should protect food from rain and snow. Wet food is not suitable for further consumption. Birds should be able to freely fly in and out of the feeder.

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Making a feeding trough: step-by-step manufacturing instructions

Before starting production, you need to prepare the workplace and bring the necessary tools. Of the tools we need:

  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw (preferably a jigsaw).

From the materials, prepare nails, screws, glue, bars (2×4.5 cm), plywood (4 mm is enough), corner and glazing bead. It is better to take plywood moisture resistant, this will increase the life of the product. All of the above does not need to be bought, it is quite possible that everything is available in your barn or workshop.

  1. First you need to collect the base. We fasten the four bars with screws to each other in the form of an oblong rectangle. At the same time, longer bars (33 cm) should protrude at the edges by 5 cm. Before screwing, the joints need to be well lubricated with carpentry glue. The result is a neat box.
  2. On a piece of plywood, draw a square (23 cm side) for the bottom of the feeder. It is carefully cut with a hacksaw or a jigsaw, and then attached to the assembled box of bars.
  3. Now you need to take two bars, each 33 cm long, and fasten them with the wide side using self-tapping screws perpendicular to the long bars of the base. At the same time, they should cover themselves with short bars of the base and protrude at the edges by 5 cm (by analogy with long bars of the base).
  4. After that, you can begin to install the racks for the roof. We will need 4 twenty-centimeter racks that need to be fixed inside the formed square.
  5. Assembling the roof is more difficult. First you need to make two frames of the bars to attach them to the outside of the racks. If the tree begins to crack when the screw is screwed in, it means that you need to make holes first, and then screw the screws.
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Beautiful tree feeder

Finishing touches

The feeder is ready. The final stage of work consists of masking self-tapping screws with special putty on wood, grinding and processing with a protective solution based on water. After drying, the feeder can be installed on a tree, pour food there and wait for feathered guests. When choosing where to hang the feeder, pay attention to places that are difficult to reach for representatives of the cat breed and protected from strong gusts of wind. If you have small children, attach a feeder near the window so that the kids can get to know each other and watch feathered friends.