Diy Bird Feeder Made Of Wood

Hurry to do good – help the birds

Hello dear readers and subscribers of our do-it-yourself blog!

I want to devote today’s article to parents and their children, as well as people with a good heart who do not remain indifferent to the trouble of our smaller brothers. This applies not only to dogs and cats, but also to birds. It is winter now, and it is birds that are particularly difficult. Thick snow cover makes it impossible to get to the seeds left on the grass and small bushes since autumn.

But it is in our strength to help them. A simple bird feeder is the way out!

Boys in the past, and now grown men and dads, I suggest you recall your school years. Surely at a labor lesson they made a bird feeder with their own hands, and even made of wood! Of course, you can make a difficult option, but I want to offer some of the easiest ways to make a bird feeder from practically available material.

However, the girls, and now adult women and mothers, probably did not lag behind the boys, and at least they did at least one feeding trough in childhood.

Dad and mom connect your kids, call grandparents! I declare open a master class entitled “do-it-yourself bird feeder” open!

It is so fun and fascinating to get everyone together and do one thing. So much talk will be here, grandfather will definitely share the experience of his youth, dad will offer his innovative way to make a dining room for birds, and mom and grandmother will add a touch of beauty and grace. I promise that your children will remember for a long time the time spent together, and in the future they will want to pass on their knowledge making crafts the next generation.

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Method 1: bird feeder from a milk package

To make it we need:

– a bag of milk, empty;

– a stapler (you can do without it, replacing it with glue or tape);

– pencil (you can also without it);

Step 1. According to the previously marked contour, cut out two windows in the bag opposite each other (on opposite sides). This is to make it convenient for birds to fly in and out. We glue the bottom of the window with a band-aid so that the paws of the birds do not slip.

Step 2 Under the windows we make cuts in the form of a cross and insert the wand. She will serve as a sixth.

Step 3 Fasten the upper part of the package with a stapler or tape, or glue. We make a hole in it and thread a rope.

Method 2: how to make a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle

For her we need:

Step 1. As in the first embodiment, we cut out two windows in a bottle. Glue a band-aid on the lower part. In this case, it serves as a defense. On the sharp plastic edge of the bird, the legs may be injured.

Step 2 Under the window into the cross-shaped slot insert the wand.

Step 3 We make a hole in the lid and use the knot to fix the rope in the form of a loop.

Do not forget to make some small holes at the bottom of the plastic bottle. They will perform the function of drainage. Melt water will drain over them, so the feed will not freeze.

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Method 3: do-it-yourself feeder from a can

– a can from baby food or coffee;

Step 1. We make a window with scissors in the lid of the can. On the lower part, as in the previous two options, it is advisable to glue the adhesive plaster.

DIY bird feeder made of wood

Step 2 Insert a wand into the slot under the window. We fix the stick inside with a band-aid so that it does not move.

Step 3 Using a band-aid or adhesive tape we fix the rope to the bank, so that the bank hangs horizontally or at a slight inclination.

These simple ways to make a simple bird feeder. Quite a bit of time spent, and what a big use!

I made all the feeders in the photo myself. Maybe somewhere crooked, but with enthusiasm and love! I have no doubt that your creations will be much prettier!

Very imperceptibly, from the question “do-it-yourself bird feeder”, we got to an equally important issue than filling this very feeder.

The correct diet of birds

The main types of birds that will be fed from your feeder are sparrows, pigeons and tits. For pigeons, a specially prepared mixture or wheat is ideal. They tolerate barley and pearl barley very well. But with white bread you should be careful, use it in a small amount. Oatmeal will also be suitable for feeding. Only oatmeal needs to be taken NOT QUICK COOKING, but simple. Love pigeons and sunflower seeds, unroasted.

Sparrows eat the same thing as pigeons. Additionally, for them, you can add millet to the feeder. But barley for them will be rude.

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Tits love unroasted sunflower seeds, a hard-boiled egg, a finely chopped apple. Do not give up unsalted lard and butter. Also, you can put cottage cheese in the titmouse feeder, after mixing it with breadcrumbs.

What is forbidden to feed birds

Pernicious food for birds is all fried and salty. Rancid grains, missing foods, any spoiled food are very harmful. Black bread with millet is also not suitable for a bird’s diet.


Very often, with a constantly filled feeder, birds are too lazy to look for food in other places. What for? And here they are well fed. In this case, the birds are threatened with overeating, the worst outcome of which could be the death of birds.

To prevent this, fill the feeder 1-2 times a day. Thus, save the birds from overeating and accustom to the feeding regimen.

Observing these simple rules, you will help birds survive the snowy cold winters and do not harm their health.

Dear friends, I really want to believe that this article “do-it-yourself bird feeder” will prompt you to do a good deed, or at least make you think.

Of course, such a feeding trough, like from a bag of milk, will not last long – it will get wet. Therefore, if you want to make a feeder that will last a longer time, I suggest watching a small video clip.

Video: making bird feeders