Bird Feeder 10 Ideas How To Do It Yourself From Improvised Materials

Bird feeder: 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

In today’s article, we will consider the topic – how to make bird feeders with your own hands. Photos, original ideas you can take note of. Do not forget to bookmark the link to the article on feeders.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Birds can die, not survive the cold winter. Another reason for their death may be a lack of food. Feeding birds is an important and noble cause. In addition, self-made feeding troughs will successfully fit into the decor of your personal plot and decorate its territory. And feathered friends, in turn, will help you in the fight against pests, thereby preserving your harvest.

Do not limit imagination. The feeder can be made of any materials, the main thing is to make it reliable and durable. But do not forget about security. The bird hole can be treated with resin, glued with electrical tape so that the feathered guests are protected from injuries and cuts.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Birdhouse should be located in a convenient place. Do not hang it in a thickened area with trees, in places of strong drafts, and also where cats walk. Place the bird house in an open, viewing area, feathered friends will immediately notice their refuge.

You can do an exciting job of creating a birdhouse with your children and take your creation to school, kindergarten. They will definitely enjoy the creative activity and you will have fun together!

Unusual do-it-yourself bird feeders from improvised materials

The feeder can be built from any material at hand, even from what would seem to be the most unexpected. For example, from sleeves from toilet paper.

From toilet paper bushes

For its manufacture we need:

  • peanut butter;
  • rope;
  • a knife;
  • cardboard sleeves;
  • branches
  • plate;
  • birdseed.

We take a couple of branches and fasten them with hot glue. You can connect them by bandaging the rope. And another option is also possible. Just make 4 holes in the cardboard sleeve to fit the branches (2 higher and 2 slightly lower). Choose for yourself any of these ways of attaching branches.

  1. Put peanut butter on a cardboard sleeve with a knife.
  2. Dip the sleeve into the feed.
  3. Repeat 2 and 3 points for the remaining bushings.

We tie a rope to the branches and hang the structure.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Original pumpkin ideas

The original reservoir with bird food can even be made from pumpkin.

For this we need:

  1. We cut off the top from the pumpkin and take out the flesh from it.
  2. Using a screwdriver, we make 4 slots for wooden sticks in it (2 higher and 2 lower, the sticks will be located at different levels).
  3. We take the wire and wrap it at each end of the sticks, then it will be convenient to hang the pumpkin on a branch. We connect the wire, hang the pumpkin evenly, you can twist it with a hook.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Having shown a little ingenuity, make an excellent feeding trough, possibly even from an old log.

Wood feeder: photos of original ideas

It is only necessary to cut out the core, a free space is formed for food and feathered guests. The main thing is to choose a solid suspension. For this, the chain is quite suitable. She will reliably maintain the design, and look beautiful.

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Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Wooden feeders are durable, environmentally friendly and functional. Birds can cling to the sides and get comfortable pecking food. The most suitable height of the sides is 4 centimeters.

Thin plywood is suitable for the bottom and roof, and wooden blocks are suitable for the manufacture of vertical elements. The height of the feeder is considered to be optimal from 20 to 30 centimeters, and the length of the sides from 25 to 40 centimeters. The roof should not be plastic, metal, so the birds that have arrived from it will not slide off.

The feeder is hung on a rope and tied to a branch, and also attached to the trunk and to the fence. Please note replenishment of feed should be convenient.

To make the product we need:

  • roulette;
  • plywood, boards, wooden blocks;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill, screwdriver or hammer;
  • drills, self-tapping screws or nails;
  • glue;
  • joiner’s corner.

You can find various patterns of bird feeders on the Internet. In our example, we will use the drawing.

  1. We mark out the marking with a pencil and cut out the details along the lines.
  2. We fasten the bars to the bottom using self-tapping screws. They perform the function of the sides. On the short side we fasten the bars end-to-end with the edges. On the long side, indent about 5 millimeters.
  3. We fasten the walls to the long sides with indentation using self-tapping screws.
  4. We fix the walls by connecting them together using a bar, which we fasten with screws on the inside.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

We pass the rope through the top of the roof and hang up a tree house.

Be sure to sand wooden parts, the bird will not get hurt. A house assembled using self-tapping screws is stronger than a structure fastened with nails.

From old dishes we make a feeder to school

Is there any old dishes? From it, you can also make an original refuge for birds. And at the same time you will be able to decorate your garden with such an interesting solution. Just glue the cup and saucer and place the structure on a branch, attaching any pendant.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

You can build a multi-level pyramid using a plate, saucer and cup. The plate should be located on the lower level, and the saucer slightly higher. Then you get a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. As a fastener, you can choose a decorative chain.

From ice cream sticks

Do you like popsicle? Do not rush to throw away wooden sticks from it. After all, from them you can construct an interesting version of the feeder.

We begin the manufacturing process:

We spread the sticks one after another in one row.

  1. We fix two sticks on opposite sides with glue so that the row does not fall apart. Then repeat the procedure on the reverse side.
  2. We build a fence of sticks and fasten them with glue. Large stick can be placed at the bottom of the structure. She will serve as a perch.
  3. We pass the rope and the craft is ready! It can be painted in any color as desired.
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Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Original polymer clay feeder

To make such an unusual polymer clay feeder, take:

  • a piece of tissue;
  • rope;
  • wire;
  • dishes that can withstand heat in the oven;
  • polymer clay.
  1. Roll the clay on the table. The layer should be 6 millimeters thick.
  2. We put the clay in the dishes, which we will send to the oven. We cut off all the excess, forming smooth edges. We make 3 large holes into which the rope will be inserted.
  3. We send the dishes to the oven. Preliminarily read the manual on the use of clay, correctly calculating the time of its baking in the oven.
  4. We take out the hardened form from the plate and attach 3 pieces of rope to it. At the ends of each segment we tie knots. Other ends should be threaded.
  5. We connect the segments of the rope using a wire or an aluminum piece.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Put a small piece of material inside the plate, the birds will not be able to peck the clay bowl, carried away by the absorption of feed.

From coconut

Coconut can be an excellent dining room for birds. The main thing is to make the door in a strong shell. Only an adult can cope with this, using a special tool.

When the hole is drilled, the flesh must be removed from the coconut. The rope hole is much easier to make.

We put the end of the rope into the hole made at the top of the nut and make a knot.

We hang a nut on a tree and fill it with seeds. If you drill a smaller door, then, quite possibly, the birds will find their warm home and settle in it. It turns out a wonderful dining room and hotel room for our little friends.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Coconut flesh is not necessary at all. The birds themselves will cope with this task quite successfully!

Jar feeders

Do you have metal cans in your house and cottage? They can go into business. After all, they are quite durable material.

Let’s start making the feeders:

  1. Take cans, paint, color tape, glue and wooden twigs.
  2. Paint the jars in bright colors, they will attract birds for a meal.
  3. Tie the jars with ribbon and hang them on a branch. From the bottom, fix the stick with glue, it will be convenient for the birds to peck the feed.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

You can independently prepare a delicious meal for the birds, making a kind of kozinaka. It will turn out to cook a culinary miracle rather quickly. Enjoying such a treat, the birds will slowly and accurately peck the food and will not be able to sprinkle it.

To prepare, take:

  • 2 packs of gelatin;
  • tubules for cocktails;
  • cookie cutters;
  • any seeds (buckwheat, seeds, hercules, millet, dried fruits);
  • thread or rope;
  • hot water (2/3 cup).
  1. Pour boiling water over the gelatin, fill in the feed and mix well.
  2. We spread the resulting mass into molds and insert the tubes from above.
  3. When the mixture cools down, remove the tube and remove the mass from the mold. We stretch a rope into the hole from under the tube.

Birds can peck even from bumps. Find a larger cone in the forest and coat it with peanut butter. Various grains stick well to it.

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Make an edible garland and place it on a tree. Put cornflakes on the wire and form hearts out of it. In turn, they need to be fastened together, and then hanged on a branch.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Bottle feeder: junk material to help

This hack to do elementary. Your child already goes to the 1st or 2nd grade, he will easily cope with this task.

Cook the following items:

  • screwdriver;
  • rope
  • plastic bottle;
  • scissors (clerical knife);
  • pliers.
  1. Cut out the windows on each side in the bottle. To do this, make 3 cuts, the bottom side of the door should remain intact.
  2. Bend the door down with pliers. It turns out a platform for the birds, where they will land for food.
  3. Remove the cap from the bottle and make a hole in it with a screwdriver.
  4. Cooking the rope. Fold it in half (if necessary, repeat the procedure) and put it into the gap made in the lid. We tie a knot at the tip of the rope and screw the cap.
  5. Pour the seeds and hang the finished product.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

DIY feeder out of the box in kindergarten

Even a child can easily make a bird house out of a box of juice and milk. You can bring such crafts to the kindergarten.

For her we need to prepare:

  • scissors (clerical knife);
  • felt-tip pen;
  • an empty box;
  • electrical tape;
  • awl;
  • rope or wire.

First, we outline the layout and cut out a window in the wall of the box. We do the same on the opposite wall, the birds will be able to freely fly in and out after the meal. We go around the holes with electrical tape for safety. Then we bend the corners of the package and make holes in them with the help of scissors and an awl. In them we will stick a rope.

So that the house does not sway from the wind, it can be mounted on a tree trunk. In this case, the windows are best done on the adjacent walls of the box. On the opposite wall we make holes, insert the wire and attach it to the trunk.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Out of the two juice boxes, you also get a great feeding trough. We cut one box in half on the narrow side, leaving the top untouched. From the second package we use only half or the third part. She will serve as a bottom. We make a window on one of its sides. Feed will be poured there. We combine the boxes and we get a figure in the form of a triangle. It can be glued or taped together. And also pierce the holes below and thread the tubes into them.

You can build a huge number of options for bird feeders with your own hands.

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Bird feeder 10 ideas how to do it yourself from improvised materials

Photos, original ideas for their manufacture, we reviewed in this article. Using these easy instructions, you will be able to make any birdhouse with the kids. Wish you luck! Subscribe to the blog and share the workshops with your friends on social networks.